Stefanie Hartman

Keynote Speaker

Stefanie HartmanOften referred to as ‘The Game Changing Consultant’, International Speaker and Consultant, Stefanie Hartman is a highly sought after Behind the Scenes Marketing Strategist for highly profitable entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, coaches and experts throughout North America, Europe, and Australia. Stefanie helps CEO’s Authors, and Experts in 3 main areas: developing a positioned brand, creating a targeted product line and creating sales through marketing strategies.

Stefanie specializes in providing proven, immediate, powerful business positioning and marketing strategies to generate on-going revenues, build your customer base and position you as THE TOP EXPERT in your field, and helps entrepreneurs eliminate the learning curve and avoid costly mistakes.


Some highlights of Stefanie’s talks are:

  • Amazing content, audience walks away informed and sometimes transformed.
  • Cares about her audience and is genuine.
  • Can relate to everyone from CEO’s to new entrepreneurs and keeps them all entertained and excited even if they are in the same audience.
  • Spends time both on and off stage answering questions and taking the time to meet eye to eye with every audience member that waits in line for her (sometimes takes 2 days).
  • Always prepared and ready to go on time.
  • High percentage of backroom sales…25% – 50% closing ratio.
  • Keeps 98% of attendees on webinars & teleseminars until the very end.
  • Less than a 2% return rate from live events with her 30 day refund policy on products.
  • Doesn’t your AUDIENCE deserve a keynote speaker that:

  • Grabs their attention
  • Provokes ideas
  • Changes their lives
  • Is entertaining as well as informative
  • Is warm and confident in her speaking
  • Don’t YOU deserve a keynote speaker that:

  • Creates a buzz
  • Makes your event’s success her priority
  • Fits her message to yours
  • Works with your team
  • Stefanie Hartman is a keynote Speaker that does all that – and one you want to book now to make your next event a huge success!

    Stefanie’s business philosophy is "Have Fun, Make Money, Inspire Others!" and this is just one more thing that Stefanie excels at!

    Topics at a glance:

    Stefanie’s one marketing strategy enabled a client to sell over $600,000 of products in one weekend. She designed and implemented a campaign that propelled an unknown author to #1 Best Selling Status in 6 weeks – beating out DaVinci Code and Dr. Phil! After only one hour of consulting/training, Stefanie helped a speaker go from $0 to selling $500,000 products in 9 months (after he gave up trying).

    How to use Inexpensive Apps in Mobile Marketing to create Instant Sales and Gain Highly Targeted Leads. *New (also available in webinar format)

    How to use get Companies to Pay for your Marketing & Product Launches! *New (also available in webinar format)

    Finding and Extracting Hidden Revenue Streams in Your Business.

    How to Stop Trading Your Time for Money and Create the Next Chapter in your Life.

    Become the Celebrity Expert in your Industry and Double your Profits!

    How Authors REALLY built their empires and you can too!

    How to Generate Online Revenue Inside your Business.

    How to Market Your Products, with No Money, No Customer Base and No Risk.

    The Most Powerful Trend in History of Business – How to Tap into a $40 Trillion Marketing Strategy.

    Creating the Ipad Lifestyle – How to Create your own Paycheck and Live Life on your own Terms.

    Secrets of Millionaire CEO’s.

    The Million Dollar Business Model – Building a Business based on your Expertise.

    The $500,000 Telephone Sales Script.

    Customized Programs Include:

    * 60-90 minute keynote
    * ½ day seminar
    * Full day seminars and workshops
    * One on one coaching sessions

    Here are just a few highlights of Stefanie’s business experience:

  • Founded a Private Online Club that uses match making technology to connect Entrepreneurs with casual partners that put your business or products in front of your target market worldwide. ( )
  • Created the Millionaires in Training Program, an online school for Entrepreneurs, Authors and Speakers.  (
  • Worked with “who’s who” of the industry: T. Harv Eker, Matt Bacak, 4 – Time Olympian Ruben Gonzalez, Oprah Guest Cynthia Kersey, among others.  Has shared the stage with Rick Frishman, Arielle Ford (Deepak Chopra), John Assaraf, Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup for the Soul).
  • Recently courted by an award winning New York Publishing Firm to lend her marketing expertise to their famous and new authors.
  • Aligned with New York publisher to award publishing contracts to Entrepreneurs worldwide, including full and major distributions to retail bookstores, foreign rights, and online sellers via Ingram.
  • Produced, Contributed to and Hosted several television shows, specials and documentaries, including work for BBC, The Discovery Channel, CTV, The Outdoor Life Network, VTV Channel for Baton Broadcasting.
  • As the youngest Senior Executive in a TV Company she out-sold her partners (who had 30+ years more experience) and sold 99% of the commercial slots available to them.  She also sold the TV Series to multiple markets and countries.
  • Co-produced Corporate videos for Fortune 500 companies and wrote and developed speaking videos for clients.
  • She is a highly sought after Marketing Consultant in the industry as she contributed to the increased revenue of $4.3 million dollars in just 24 months for 1 of her clients.  1 entrepreneur that she has worked with has sold more than a million dollars worth of on-going training from his seminars in a single weekend, a strategy and duplicable system that she loves to teach NEW entrepreneurs.
  • Stefanie created, hosted and produced an international Television Series, Aqua Planet™, a travel adventure scuba diving series.
  • As you can see Stefanie is amazing at what she does!  There are many more accomplishments that she has reached in her career.    You want to get Stefanie speaking to your team or at your event so that you can see an explosion in revenue and so can your guests!