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For your next event you want a keynote speaker that shines. Someone that can make an immediate emotional and mental connection with your audience. One that has a captivating energy about them…Stefanie Hartman is that Keynote Speaker!

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Speaking Reviews

Rick FrishmanShe is Brilliant! I booked Stefanie to speak at my event after hearing so much about her. I was so glad I did, she was GREAT with people – really connected. You could tell she knew what she was talking about and really enjoyed helping others. In fact, many people came up to me afterwards and said she was their favorite trainer & speaker. ~Rick Frishman, Event Planner, Leading Book Publicist,
Founder of Planned TV Arts, Publisher


Out of all the speakers at the QWM seminar, she gave the most VALUE for PRICE – hands down. She has realistic optimism about what her clients can achieve. ~Alex Grant, Event Attendee


Loren SlocumI have had the pleasure of speaking with Stefanie at major events and can honestly say, she is one of the best in her field. Her unique experience, strong skills and knowledge, and warm and funny personality enable her to deliver fantastic speaking presentations to audiences large and small. Her speeches and courses have helped me grow my business, and I know they will do the same for you. ~Loren Slocum, Fellow Speaker, Contributor, Author of “Life Tune-ups”


Charlie SeymourThanks for reflecting on this, Stefanie. Often we go through life without realizing what is happening around us. My kids tease me that I put special dates in my calendar so next year and 20 years from now I'll know what took place… because it's all the little moments that make life great.

You were terrific in OC, MD. Both talks. And you kept telling me that I had already heard one of them when we met previously in Philadelphia… but I took even MORE notes this time.

Your gift is not simply that you're at ease on a stage and can deliver your message better than most – it's that you deliver it in a way that all of us can appreciate, using examples from your life that touch all of ours. Indeed… borrowing a cup of sugar seems very much like doing a joint venture when put in a way that makes it so clear.

Thanks for taking the risk and putting yourself on the line. Really enjoy you each and every time. ~

Charlie Seymour Jr, Friend and Fellow Speaker


Frank KickbushI have to send a note to you about one of your presenters at the 101 event this weekend… Stefanie Hartman.

All the presenters were awesome and I learned a great deal from them. However, I have to tell you about something that happened just after Stefanie’s presentation.

I was returning to my room during the break and a fantastic idea flashed into my mind as I was thinking about some of the points she made in her presentation. I have been struggling with how I might promote a new course I have produced and out of nowhere I caught a vision of what I could do to dramatically enhance my plan. I have been trying to see how I could turn this course into some sort of membership and now I have the idea of how I could do it. Her words definitely provided the “idea breakthrough” I was looking for.

Anyway, this was a very exciting insight and I received several of these while listening to Stefanie’s words – I really appreciated her vision and talent in “showing me the money” – how I could move forward in practical ways. I hope you will keep her in your line up in the future!

Thanks again for a great event and for bringing in talent like Stefanie Hartman ~Frank Kickbush, Event Attendee


Stefanie, I was at the summit in Ocean City, Maryland and heard your speech. First, you are an amazing speaker, you held my interest and I can lose interest very easy if I’m bored. Your content was on a level that everyone could understand and you provided us with a wealth of information. I thank you as I have just signed up for your Private JV Club. I stepped out of my comfort zone to come to the summit in Ocean City as I have not been to hear a speaker for many years and I also built my own website a few months ago which is definitely out of my comfort zone. I am feeling some growing pains so I really am learning alot. This is truly an amazing adventure. Thank you! ~Debbie Teegardin, Event Attendee


Robert StanleyI was at the event in OC and I must say… your presentation, above many good ones, was by-far the best. You did a great job and for what it's worth… you gained my respect.

Hope to see you speak again soon.

P.S. – Funny joke you cracked about the blonde and two bald guys in the hallway… even if it was accidental. Couldn't stop laughing at that one. ~Robert Stanley, Event Attendee



I really was impressed with her and I thought, “Of course, the only female out there, right?” I thought she just did such a terrific job.
So when I heard Stefanie start to speak it was like a breath of fresh air. I didn’t feel like she was trying to sell me something. I feel like she was trying to import information to me that could be very valuable and useful to me and to everybody else in the room.
It really was refreshing because I really wasn’t thrilled that I’d gone to a 2-day seminar. Up until that point I felt like I had spent money that I shouldn’t have. I just wasn’t getting anything out of it. But then when she came on stage, everything shifted for me.

Like I said, she was just like a breath of fresh air. Everything she said made sense. She was trying to give you really useful information that you could take back to your business, to your life, and apply it, make some positive changes. Her entire presentation for an hour just really spoke to me. She was the only one that weekend that really spoke to me like that.
I thought she was phenomenal. I would highly recommend to anybody working with her, just based on that hour alone, because she was so genuine and sincere. It’s so hard to find that in a marketing group when everybody is trying to sell you something and she didn’t come off that way at all. That was really hugely important to me because I felt like she cared what I got out of what she was saying to me. I didn’t get that impression from anybody else, so that just spoke volumes to me. I think she is just phenomenal. It’s like, “Oh, you are the reason why I’m here.” ~Sarah Collins – Event Attendee


Anne RyanStefanie is a presenter and she does a fabulous job of that. She is also in this setting a person who allows everyone to speak and who allows ideas to flow. She has this wonderful, magical way that she draws out ideas that would never come out if they weren’t in this setting, with this person, with this ambiance. It is the most remarkable experience. ~Anne Ryan, Inner Circle Event Attendee


I have been in the enlightenment/self-help/field for many years now, and so I know Leaders when I see them. Stefanie and Gary are old souls who truly care about the human race and lifting people up. I saw them interact with such respect to participants, they BOTH have this humility that is refreshing in the world of GURUS. They have their finger on the pulse of future global sustainable business. ~Brigid Barrett, BCN Practitioner, Entrepreneur Breakthrough Event Attendee


Barbara SempleI’m so grateful to Stefanie for so many things. I’ve said this before; it seems that everything that comes out of her mouth is valuable to me. Things that I am so happy to have the knowledge and resources If you’re really serious about creating a project and having it out there in the world in a big way, in a profoundly beneficial way then Stefanie is somebody to work with. She’s present, she pays attention, she’s honest, she’s an authentic person, she’s made a huge difference in my life in terms of helping me be the very best an offer something wonderful to the world and I look forward to my continued working with her ~Barbara Semple, Inner Circle Event Attendee