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Private Consulting (1 – 12 months)

As Consulting is a direct ‘Time for Money’ exchange, and with Stefanie Hartman’s travel & teaching schedule, this opportunity is extremely limited to typically less than 5-6 private clients per year.

Please fill out the application below to see if I am the right fit for your unique needs and goals, and if I am not, I will recommend you to other possible consultants or experts where possible.

Possible Consulting Topics: Building your Brand, Building Credibility, Author & Book Consultation & Strategy, Speaker Income from Stage, Sponsored Launches with Charities or Companies, Presentation Skills, and Back-end Product Strategies, Innovative Ideas /Plans to make your Company More Profitable, Defining your Niche, Sales Copy, Building Your Customer Base, Online & Offline Marketing Strategies, Aligning you with Future Trends through New Technology, Building a Teleseminar Series, Podcasting, Sales pages.

Einstein said “Vision without Execution is just Hallucination”.  So my goal for you is to walk away with decisions made, products designed, strategies planned out, and for you to KNOW and feel that you have just designed the perfect revenue model AND product line for you.  As I am consulting, I will become a huge short-cut for you, but you need to have time to invest for your business.  Great ideas are not so brilliant without you putting them into action. Please ensure this is a priority for you before you apply.

Consulting Client prices range from $10,000 – $65,000.

To apply please click below:

 If accepted, your deposit will be put towards your consulting package.  If you we are sold out during your application, we will fully refund your entire deposit.

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Private Laser Focused VIP ‘Winner’s Weekend’ with On-going Support Package

Travellers Choice Award Private in-person weekend consultation at a luxury boutique hotel in Vancouver BC, (possible option for Stefanie to fly to you), plus pre & post weekend strategy meetings (via phone).

pet friendly I have helped create Multi-Millionaires from scratch when they had no product, no marketing, no website in place, and many times they only have an ‘inkling or concept’ of what they could put together.   So I know first-hand how hard it can seem to figure out what your best target market or main product should be, or what the best positioning for your business should be, or even where to start.

Einstein said “Vision without Execution is just Hallucination”.  So my goal for you is to walk away with decisions made, products designed, strategies planned out, and for you KNOW and feel that you have just designed the perfect revenue model AND product line for you.

There are many ways to ‘make money’ with a product or expertise online so it's vitally important to me that I don’t give you simply cookie cutter advice.  Instead, we’re going to design something together that feels uniquely right and gets you jumping-in-your-seat excited.

The consulting weekend is 90% consultation and only 10% teaching, so that first day you get into profits, vision, goals, strategy and support.

This weekend is for you if you have a product or product line that you want to improve or have a consultation to find revenue strategies you may not have thought of, or whether you are starting from the beginning. I will design something that fits your personality, your skills, and your lifestyle.

Typically in a weekend we can:

> Clarify Your Brand.
> Identifying your BEST Niche Target Market (and sub niches)
> Identify the best-selling CORE product that you should customize for you and taking into consideration YOU, your lifestyle, skills, personal interest, and knowledge.
> Detail Outline of your product line.
> Million Dollar Plan: Detailed plan on exactly which lead generators to create, why & when, what not to waste your time doing, a plan for at least one product to bring in monthly on-going revenue, and other products and services above and beyond your main product.
> Supply you with resources, contacts, tools and grant you access to OUR TEAM we use to get our projects done overnight and inexpensively.
> Work on sales page triggers for your main product, so you can clearly show your customers the value position of your product and get them to buy.
> During and post weekend we will go over strategies to generate buzz, and how to market and launch your product.

Your Experience: VIP All the WAY!

L'Hermitage Hotel

You will be whisked away in style (round trip) via limousine and brought to the award winning 60 room L’Hermitage Hotel luxury boutique hotel in downtown Vancouver, we will make all arrangements for you (everything is paid for by us except your flight and extra hotel nights) and we will cover the cost of setting you up in the posh up-graded larger suite for 2-nights, and all snacks & beverages during meetings, plus Stefanie will treat you to an Italian lunch at the award winning Q4 restaurant – all on your first day.

That night your mind will be buzzing with amazing ideas and excitement, to help you sleep, we have arranged for an in-room massage.  We can even provide you with a cup of warm milk or perhaps a Brandy. Then you will wake up refreshed and ready to touch up any final ideas in the next day session. Prior to ending the session, Stefanie will outline the agenda for the follow up support calls (your prescription, so to speak) so that you have focused goals & steps going forward. The rest of the day you can tour the city, work out at the gym, swim in the hotel heated pool, or return that evening to your hometown.

  • Before the weekend you will meet with Stefanie on a phone call to go over the exact outcomes and Richard Bransonprioritize the topics you would like help on.
  • At the event, Stefanie focuses on YOUR needs, and works with you to create your brand, product line, core product and sales strategy. There is 10% training, and 90% getting it done. $10,000 value
  • 2 night's accommodation in posh, upgraded Boutique Hotel Suite (for 1 or 2 people).
  • Return limousine service scheduled for you, with our friendly limo guys.
  • In-room Massage on the night of your first boardroom meeting so you can relax from the day’s events and wake up feeling rested and ready to go.
  • 1.5 days (approx. 12 hours) of intense and focused business building customized for you.
  • Stefanie will treat you to an Italian lunch at the award winning Q4 restaurant, and refreshments & snacks are provided for both boardroom days.
  • Post event, you will have unlimited access email access to Stefanie for 90 days $500 Value
  • 2 x 90 mins one-on-one conference call strategy sessions for 60 days. $1500 Value
  • Your spouse, marketing assistant or business partner attends free. Their accommodation is not included in package but we can pass on our corporate hotel rates for you.
  • Post weekend you may access the with continued group support & training access for 7 months.
  • Receive access to Podcast Training with live support so you can market on iTunes at 15% discount.
  • Post weekend you will have one Mobile App Done for you. $997 Value

Wine and Cheese

This weekend event is only limited to availability, and is the most popular consulting item and typically sold out at events Stefanie speaks at. The lowest rates are here on her website, booking via events are more expensive due to commissions to event producers. We highly suggest you reserve your weekend immediately if you are interested and then we will work together to get you a suitable date.

Option Option 1:

Private Laser Focused ‘Get It Done For You’ VIP Consulting

Laser Focused VIP Weekend – Private Pre-Meeting Phone Planning Session to gain priorities, on top of 1.5 days Private Consulting Weekend. Private one-on-one or bring spouse. Limo Service, Lunch & Snacks during Meeting, 1 Private in-room Massage, 2-night luxury hotel stay (1 room/dbl occupancy) included. Stefanie will also offer post-weekend follow-up email & phone contact for 4 weeks. 1 Mobile APP done for you.

Buy Now Private Weekend: $5997 (Easy Pay Plan Available)


Option Option 2:

Small Group ‘Get It Done For You’ VIP Consulting – Alterations:


  • We will be meeting in a private boardroom for up 2 days (about 15 hours) with 100% attention laser focused on you. You’ll experience will be similar to what Stefanie will work with you on with the Private Laser Focused VIP except in a small, intimate group setting for 2 FULL days (massage not included)
  • Lunch and snacks on 2 days included (more food).
  • Post event, you will have unlimited email access to Stefanie for 60 days. $400 Value
  • Bi-weekly (every 2 weeks) one-on-one conference call strategy sessions for 30 days. $1100 Value 2 hours of calls or 4 x 1/2hour calls

**Alternatively, if you are interested in going in as part of a group for just $4997 each Primary Client (one spouse or marketing assistant attend free), contact us to let us know. Groups will only have between 2 to 5 Primary Clients at one weekend to retain the high quality of experience. Massage not included in group package. Extended meeting time to 2 full days. To purchase a group package there must be a group event and all parties interested on the same dates.


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Co-Creation ‘Get it Done’ Products & Business Development

Details coming soon. If interested contact us:

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Inner Circle Mastermind Group

This group of 12 – 16 is only open for applicants, once a year, during November – December as the Circle begins the following year from January through to December. Discounts are available to graduates who wish to sign up for an additional year.

The theme and focus changes every year, due to the latest marketing techniques available and the successful applicant’s common needs and wants. However, every year you will receive the ‘best of’ the previous year, plus fundamental business & product strategy that will be key to your success and profits.

 If interested contact Tania at:

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Learn how to generate an extra $10,000 dollars plus a 1000 new customers per month! I know this may seem like a big claim BUT IT WORKS. I have created a monthly revenue generating structure that is working for authors, speakers, entrepreneurs and small business owners. I've taken the guess work out of it for you.

If you have trouble selling your product or service in Tele-seminars, chances are we know why. Technology can sometimes separate us from our customers. They can't look into your eyes and trust you, so what you say and how you say it, becomes very important. We have proven techniques that will keep your audience on the phone for the entire call, increase participation and position yourself and/or your product to sell from the very beginning. Best of all – it won't feel like "selling" and once you have your sessions, you can re-use this system for different calls and products.

How it works:

Session 1: You get 60 – 90 mins of instruction, interview structure and techniques to add into your presentation with Stefanie or one of her top advisors.
Session 2: You come prepared with your script for review by Stefanie. (60-90 mins)
Session 3: Website sales page analysis and closing strategy review. (30 – 45 mins minutes)

As there is a lot of information to absorb, it is suggested you book 2 – 3 weeks prior to your interview date.



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Get It Done

‘Get it Done’ Mobile Apps Consulting & Creation

Did you know…

> There were 5.9 Billion subscribers on mobile devices in 2011. And that doesn’t include mobile devices such as Tablets or iPads.
> 96 percent of the USA are mobile subscribers (shouldn’t you be talking to them??)
> People with Smart Devices (iPads, Tablets) and Smartphones earn higher income average in the USA 25%. These are people who can afford to buy your products & services!
> Within five years mobile overtakes the PC as the most popular way to get on the Web (your website). Our App does exactly that for you, so you’ll be ahead of the game.

This all boils down too…You need to BE SEEN and get a presence NOW on Mobile Devices.

If not, then you are missing 100% of a whole new audience for you!

Don´t waste your money unless you make relevant Apps like we do, that are… custom designed to attract your best target market, display your expertise, create trust with the consumer immediately and promote your products and services.


‘Get it Done’ Social Media & PR Creation & Campaigns
Details coming soon. If interested contact us:

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Consulting Client Video Reviews





Consulting Client Reviews

Chuck BoyceWorking with Stefanie really helped bring into focus how to take my passion for helping entrepreneurs and crafting a full range of products and service offers for new entrepreneurs. While working with Stefanie recently on a call, we started with this germ of an idea that then sprouted, and through her creativity and the back and forth interactivity working one-on-one was able to take a product that could have been pretty boring and really exploded it out into something very fun and very creative. So during that call, we were able to take that idea and map out a comprehensive 12-month plan for this product launch. We were able to shortcut what would have probably taken me months and months of time to figure out on my own and put together all the pieces and get access to all the resources that I need to bring this product to market. Within a little over an hour's time, we had the entire framework done, and Stefanie was able to connect me with some of the key resources that I'll need to bring this product to market very, very quickly. So we were able to shortcut a process, that in the past has taken three, four, six months of time, to get a new product up and running down to a mere three or four week time frame. At the end of the hour that we spend together, we've not only accomplished those goals, we've had a lot of fun and in many cases we've even run a little bit over because we've lost track of time because we get that involved in the product. Her energy is just so infectious that you're done and you've accomplished your goals before you even realize that the time is up.
~Chuck Boyce, Former Estee Lauder Executive


John FahyStefanie Hartman is an outstanding consultant with an in-depth knowledge of the information products industry. I have worked with her through one of her VIP weekends and in my opinion, her marketing skills are second to none. She has an intuitive ability to spot good marketing opportunities. And through her years of experience, working with a wide variety of clients, she has developed a deep knowledge of the practical tools and techniques needed to exploit such opportunities. If you are looking for someone to give you clear guidance on which opportunities to concentrate on and what steps you need to take to maximise those opportunities, then look no further than Stefanie. She has the skills, the experience and the industry contacts to turn potential into reality. She is also a highly personable and empathetic person who actually cares about whether her clients do well or not. As a long-time Professor of Marketing and author of the best-selling Foundations of Marketing, my expectations are not easily met. However, I was highly impressed with Stefanie and I would have no hesitation in recommending her.
~John Fahy, Professor of Marketing at University of Limerick


Ken OdiweStefanie Hartman, my marketing strategist and business trend expert, you are a mentor to all mentors. Although I pride myself to being a business and marketing expert in my own right, I pale in comparison to your field experience in all its simplicity and effectiveness. It is impossible to fully describe the awe in which I regard your expertise. I honor you.
~Dr. Ken Odiwé, Author, Speaker, Millionaire Mentor,


Bob KormanFor the past year I have had the opportunity to work with Stefanie Hartman. I have found her to be highly competent in the set-up, promotion and speaker preparation in conjunction with telephone seminars geared toward the business, motivational and spiritual education of entrepreneurial personal and organizations.
She has built a team of marketing and Internet professionals who are brought in to complete individual assignments where such supplemental skills are required.
I have further observed that she brings great energy, creative ideas, dedication and integrity to the projects that she has committed to.
In my estimation she would be very worthy of consideration should you require a highly motivated professional in the marketing, product positioning or related endeavors. ~Bob Korman, Arizona Entrepreneur of the Year Winner and Inc. 500 Company


Ellen VioletteStefanie helped me create a powerful pitch and I was able to close two clients this weekend (my first time out) for a total of $4000 dollars in sales. Thank you Stefanie!
~Ellen Violette, Copywriter, The E-book Coach



Lisa CherneyWhen I met Stefanie I was speaking several times a month. I delivered great content, but that's where the fun ended. My state-of-the-art products sat on the shelf. One session with Stefanie and my platform sales doubled overnight! She is a master and capturing the essence of what you bring to your clients. She crafts the perfect words to inspire action. If you are ready to skyrocket your business and change more lives, then you are ready for Stefanie Hartman!"
~Lisa Cherney, President Conscious Marketing


Ken FosterI have always wondered where to find the training and coaching to be one of the best. Well, I found the secret when I met Stefanie Hartman. I had never enrolled clients into a $2,000 product on a teleclass, but with guidance from Stefanie, I accomplished that goal easily and quickly.
Her talents didn’t stop there, it was because of her that my book became a #1 Bestseller on the date she predicted.
She is one of the greatest undiscovered marketing geniuses around. If you are looking for someone to take your business to the next level, look no further hire Stefanie.
~Ken Foster, CEO Shared Vision Network


Bill SweetmanStefanie showed me some small, significant adjustments and literally within a few weeks my speaking doubled plus I got offered to be regular contributor to a television show! So that alone was just a phenomenal experience.
~Bill Sweetman, Award Winning Internet Marketer,
Co-Founder Canadian New Media Awards


Ari GalperYou provided me the breakthrough I had been searching for. My presentation was so powerful that I outsold all of the other speakers and best of all, I never sold! While the other speakers struggled with positioning their products, I never had to, it was just part of the natural dialogue of the presentation. Stefanie, you are now a permanent member on my team!
~Ari Galper, Author/ President Unlock the Game


Mike DavidsonI really got the sense that she genuinely cared about my success and that sort of sounds like an obvious, but I�ve worked with a lot of other coaches who I feel were talented and really gifted in doing what they do, but I was just another customer and I didn�t feel that way with Stefanie. I really felt like she has a personal investment in me in a personal level, in a professional level, and she genuinely gets jazzed up and excited when I’m able to achieve certain outcomes that I wanted to achieve.
~Sincerely, Mike Davidson, Ph.D


Carolyn GrossI wanted one-on-one coaching with Stefanie. I am an accomplished professional speaker, and with her support I've had an incredible year! I did my first Teleclass and went from beginner to having the happy problem of my phone ringing off the hook. Stefanie's coaching she showed me how to leverage my expertise and get full credit on an upcoming book project that I might have been short changed on. Plus my vision expanded this year. The result was I was interviewed by CNN, ABC, NBC as a health advocate offering the treatable and beatable approach to cancer. My plans are big, but with the resources Stefanie provides, they are do-able!
~Carolyn Gross, Author, Speaker, Health Advocate


Gail BasillieAs you may have heard, for over 3 years, Stefanie was essential for helping to build the brand & profits for the now mega-millionaire, T. Harv Eker. She was the behind-the-scenes marketing strategist. Stefanie and I go way back. I can tell you she is the genuine article and her program is great. Her work is not only life-changing, it is life-saving.
~Gail Balsillie, Former General Director of T. Harv Eker’s Company


Cynthis KerseyAs soon as Stefanie said she was taking private clients again – I snapped her up right away!
~Cynthia Kersey, Oprah Show Guest & Author of "Unstoppable"



Eric LofholmThank you for the awesome coaching. In just 1 hour over the phone, Stefanie taught me how to go from $0 to over $500,000 in a few months, with just 1 single method – which I did in less than 6 months. My results were incredible. In fact my phones began to ring off the hook before the teleclass was finished. Your insight was awesome. I've added it up, I look forward to utilizing your consulting services for years to come.
~Eric Lofholm, CEO, Master Sales Trainer