Stefanie Hartman

What’s your Next Chapter in Life?

Have you ever dreamed of Re-Inventing Yourself, Your Business or Your Revenue?

Do you have some knowledge you'd like to pass on to other generations and leave a powerful legacy that changes lives?

For over 10 years, I have been secretly working ‘behind-the-scenes’ as a product line planner and marketing consultant for speakers, authors, retiring CEO’s and forward thinking entrepreneurs helping them turn what they know about business, life, relationships, parenting or health into Intellectual Property, create virtual or an in-store packaged product line, and then market it on and offline.

Create a lasting legacy of helping people for generations to come, pass on your wisdom and experience, and create REAL WEALTH at the same time.

Typically my clients are at the peak of their career and simply want a change, or want to find a way keep their high income yet have massive freedom over their time. They also are searching for more meaning to their lives.

Are you getting paid what you’re really worth? One of my earliest students, Dr. Scott Brown, worked as a university professor teaching finance, earning him a respectable $65,000 a year in salary. He is a brilliant man, just wasn’t getting paid what he was worth. Common to many people, he and his wife were stuck in the two income trap scenario, and Scott desperately wanted his wife to retire from her job at the bank, plus he was tired of university work and wanted a fresh change. Starting from scratch and under my tutelage, with no business idea, website or brand, he sold over $300,000 of products in his first year, published a book on finance, then went one to selling over $1 million in the second year, and catching the attention of high achievers in his industry went on to became an expert at the renowned Oxford Club. Not bad for a guy who didn’t even know where to begin. Now he is his own boss and loves life!

You’ll be learning through step-by-step blueprints, templates, stories and case studies of how people created income from scratch and made over $10,000 in 30 – 60 days. I want you to COPY every single technique!

These strategies work with ANY PROFESSION or ENTREPRENEUR.

Whether it’s a profitable & fun add-on to their current business or a 360 degree direction change, my clients and students now have three things in common :

(1) First and foremost daily control over their schedule and lives and income. They can literally decide “not to work that day” and take their dog and kids to the beach instead – and money is still coming in.

(2)They get paid now for their “worth” not their “time”. In doing so they get immediate brand awareness.

(3)They have a system in place that monthly (and is some cases on autopilot) builds their practice or customer base, and brings in unlimited revenue. They create they own raises, pay checks and promotions.

They successfully created their ‘second act’ in life by re-defining who they are, what they do and how much they earn.


Do you want to get MASSIVE EXPOSURE for your Businees or Product & find GLOBAL Marketing Partners – but are short on time and money?Then you need to learn the no-cost, no-risk marketing strategy that has literally built mega-empires – Joint Venture Marketing. It’s that simple. And you’re now only minutes away from this MEGA strategy… For a Limited Time Only pick up your copy for free





For innovative companies, take advantage of the latest business trends so that you build brand & Identity using Information through the Internet and introduce you to ways of building a stellar reputation, see trends for the future that will increase productivity and profits, and work with ‘Integrity Marketing’ strategies that will build massive brand loyalty and profits. Most importantly, now is the time to learn (through proven strategies)… How to STOP TRADING YOUR TIME FOR MONEY™ and create your next chapter in life! Read my up-coming book for more info. Looking forward to talking with you soon! Meet Stefanie



What Thomson Financial suggests this strategy is the Most Powerful Trend in the History of Business. Forbes says “Goodbye Mergers, corporate alliances keep companies growing”. In The Private Joint Venture Club we've blended this powerful and profitable marketing strategy with a devoted community of high profile global business connections…The Result: Massive Business Profits & Way More Fun!

The Power of Joint Ventures


Create your Next Chapter in Life by turning your life experience, health or business knowledge into Online Profits, teaching others what you know. Share your knowledge via e-books or physical books (becoming an author), on stage (speaker, seminar leader), or online downloadable courses (Entrepreneur) – we’ll show you how.

There is no other system which lets you mold it to fit your lifestyle like this one! Make a six (or even seven) figure income, inspire other people which not only makes an impact but also allows you to leave behind a legacy that rewards and recognizes you . . . by simply sharing your natural insights and wisdom with the world!

We’ve taught everyone from Consultants, Doctors, Retiring C.E.O’s of large companies, Entrepreneurs, Best-Selling Authors, Olympic Athletes, Former Oprah Show Guests, Celebrity Music Producers to Women returning to work post baby.



To date: 100% Client Results! Guaranteed Exposure in at least 10 Magazines and/or News Outlets (and we’re talking some Famous Magazines like Men’s Health, People Magazine, News Sites like ABC, NBC, FOX, and Specialty sites like & Dr. Oz) plus Targeted (for your audience) Traffic to your website in 30 days!

In just 30 days (or less)…
• Get Massive Media Exposure to Millions!
• Recommendation Marketing at its best!
• Magazines Build your Customer List for you
• Targeted Real People sent to your Website (average 1000 leads per month) from Magazines and News sites.
• Statistical Reporting sent to you.
• Custom Media Banner created for your use.
• Optional – Blog Articles written for you.
• Instant Credibility. Thought Leader Status.
• Instant Exposure for your business!

You don’t even need to get out of bed. No training or media experience necessary. Just “click” and done!

Let’s get started and FREAK OUT your competition!



A powerful resource for CEO's and Entrepreneurs creating more fun, fulfillment and greater profits in their loves.

Stay tuned for TV Show details…





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