Stefanie Hartman

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I guarantee you’re going to get at least $100,000 in marketing consulting out of Stefanie’s MIT program. There’s so much in Stefanie’s MIT program, so many jewels and nuggets and things that you apply that I had no idea existed, and a huge marketing firm started saying to me ‘wow, where did you get that info? We’ve been at this for ten years and didn’t know that you could do marketing that way”; you know we need to do this in our business, and I was kind of laughing because it was all straight out of Stefanie Hartman.

Not only did she deliver on what she promised, but much, much more.  I have sold more than $1 Million of products …and I started from scratch…and could only implement her teachings on my weekends. I don’t accept any commission on Stefanie’s various products – she’s the real deal and I just love her to death. 

By applying just 3 simple MIT concepts (that I would have overlooked) to my investing course at it was the #1 bestseller SOLD last year for the Oxford Club Just in the first 6 months I took in net $445,858.29 – thanks to you!  This would not have happened had I not enrolled in Stefanie's program!

~ DR. Scott Brown, PHD in Finance, Oxford Club Mentor


~ Best-Selling Authors, Dr. Mark Kossmann & Charlie Seymour Jr.


Hello, my name is Frank Sousa and you may have seen me on the Internet. I’ve been making a full-time living on the Internet for many-many years, more years than I care to remember. But it’s been a very, very, very good thing to me. I’ve written several books on Internet marketing, I speak at different Internet marketing conferences, and I’ve created some very powerful software to use on the Internet – Secret Money Generator first and most recently Traffic Geyser.

The reason I’m saying that is because I want you to understand that I do understand how to make money on the Internet, I understand small business. But I’ve got to tell you about my friend Stefanie Hartman.

When I first met Stefanie, we were both speaking at an Internet marketing event. When Stefanie got up to speak, I was kind of blown away. That’s an overused cliché, but I was blown away by the wisdom. I started doing something that I very, very seldom do. I was writing notes like crazy, because she was giving me ideas and things that I can take back with me and apply to my business right away to make more money. It was absolutely amazing.

Since that time Stefanie and I have become friends and I really have a lot of respect for that woman. When you get together with her, she just has this way about being able to hone in on an idea, on a problem, and just really, really nail it.

I would tell you without any hesitation whatsoever that if you get a chance to work with Stefanie, you’d be a fool not to. She is absolutely awesome, she is a real deal and I have no problems whatsoever in recommending Stefanie Hartman. She is one awesome lady

~Frank Soussa, Creator of Multi-Million Dollar Traffic Geyser Marketing Software


Ruben Gonzalez

3-Time Olympic Champion tapes Stefanie’s calls!

Personally, I tape all my sessions with Stefanie as the information is flying on those calls. I repeatedly listen to them in my car (sometimes for hours). She is not only fun to work with she is loaded with powerful information. It’s a rare marketing consultant that explains “why” her strategies work, not only what they are so you can really improve your business, your presentation or your product. Thanks Stefanie!

~Ruben Gonzalez, Three-Time Olympian and Speaker


David Hancock Stefanie’s MIT Program is by far the best and most comprehensive program I have ever seen out there in the market for authors who actually want to not only be able to market the heck out of their books but also to make tons of money from their knowledge, book materials and ideasand from out of thin air! My publishing company has won awards for being Entrepreneurial and I tell EVERY Author that publishes with me that they need to take Stefanie’s course to make a BUSINESS out of their book. I WISH every single author took her program, then I’d know they’d be successful in life.

~David Hancock, CEO of Top New York Publishing Company, Morgan James Publishing



Loren Slocum I have had the pleasure of speaking with Stefanie at major events and can honestly say, she is one of the best in her field.  Her unique experience, strong skills and knowledge, and warm and funny personality enable her to deliver fantastic speaking presentations to audiences large and small. Her speeches and courses have helped me grow my business, and I know they will do the same for you.

~Loren Slocum, Contributor, Author of “Life Tune-ups”


Elliott Hulse My name is Elliott Hulse, I’m a certified strength and conditioning coach. I basically teach athletes how to get stronger, faster and win more games. I’ve been doing this for several years. I was All-American College Football player and decided that I wanted to teach athletes how to have the type of skills that I have and how to do that through strength training.  I was doing “ok” in business but I knew I was somehow missing the BIG bucks.  With Stefanie’s help, I now have got the real direction, I’ve got real core product, I have a real service here – that’s the information that Stefanie provides and it was the most exciting thing for me.

I wouldn’t even know where to begin, to place a value on this program.  Business wise, it’s worth many MILLIONS for me.  I paid $5,000 for it – and it will earn me in ten years about $5 Million.  Money aside, what Stefanie has done for my confidence in tremendous, my direction in life, putting all the pieces together for me. I finally feel confident in my future for years to come!

~Elliott Hulse, FOX NEWS All-American College Football player and Coach


Eric LofholmThank you for the awesome coaching. In just 1 hour over the phone, Stefanie taught me how to go from $0 to over $500,000 in a few months, with just 1 single method – which I did in less than 6 months. My results were incredible. In fact my phones began to ring off the hook before the teleclass was finished. Your insight was awesome. I've added it up, I look forward to utilizing your consulting services for years to come.

~Eric Lofholm, CEO, Master Sales Trainer


It was because of Stefanie Hartman that my book became a #1 Bestseller on the date she predicted.  She is one of the greatest undiscovered marketing geniuses around.  If you are looking for someone to take your business to the next level, look no further.  I found the Entrepreneur’s Secret when I met Stefanie Hartman.  Plus I had never enrolled clients into a HIGH-END product before but with her guidance, I accomplished that goal easily and quickly, now I am selling even HIGHER priced items.

~Ken Foster, CEO Shared Vision Network & Best –Selling Author of “Ask & You Will Succeed"


Cynthia Kersey

As soon as Stefanie said she was taking private clients again – I snapped her up right away!
~Cynthia Kersey, Oprah Show Guest & Author of "Unstoppable"


Sharon Wilson Stefanie is literally is there to support you in any way she can. She always offers the most amazing insights and suggestions and her program are rock solid and get great results.

It is not only the amazing material but her intention to serve that attracts amazing people to her she is someone that can captivate and audience by having people feel as if she is talking to just them at that heart level.

It is clear to me that her business is built on the core principles of serving, love and prosperity consciousness. She is the perfect blended energy of a transformational guide and successful business woman that will show you how to GET IT DONE!

She offers so much more than she promises and goes the extra mile with students and in everything she does. She is truly an angel in my life and in anyone's she touches.

~Sharon Wilson, Author & CEO of Coaching from Spirit


~Sheri McConnell , CEO Smart Womens Institute of Entrepreneurial Learing


~Daniel Hall,


Bill Sweetman I was only one or two modules into the MIT program when I realized there’s so much that I had been looking for that I didn’t know existed. There was a clearly defined plan of action along with an amazing set of resources and tools to help me. Within a few weeks quality queries on being a speaker–including being a regular contributor to a television showall of a sudden started to materialize!

~Bill Sweetman, Award Winning Internet Marketer,
Co-Founder Canadian New Media Awards



Rick Frishman She is Brilliant! I booked Stefanie to speak at my event after hearing so much about her. I was so glad I did, she was GREAT with people – really connected. You could tell she knew what she was talking about and really enjoyed helping others. In fact, many people came up to me afterwards and said she was their favorite trainer & speaker.

~Rick Frishman, Leading Book Publicist,
Founder of Planned TV Arts, Publisher


Mari Smith

Stefanie is one of a handful of people I really trust and connect with in this industry.
She’s just a lovely person!

~Mari Smith, Fast Company Magazine’s Social Media Thought Leader


Arielle Ford

I called up Stefanie and asked her if I could tell her story in my book. She agreed and is in my 1st and last chapter. I have even referred her Private Joint Venture Club to my friends!
~Arielle Ford, Former Publicist for Deepak Chopra


Arielle Ford

This is Chuck Boyce. I'm known as the independent executive, and I help people who jump off the corporate ladder and find a fulfilling and more secure and stable lifestyle and income by owning their own business. In the past, people of our parents' generation were looking to get the job of the lifetime and climb a corporate ladder. In today's economic society, we can no longer just depend on a paternal organization to take care of us throughout our career. So my specialty is helping people find their passion and then building their business that will not only sustain their economic needs, but also their personal and their professional needs.

Working with Stefanie really helped bring into focus how to take my passion for helping entrepreneurs and crafting a full range of products and service offers for new entrepreneurs. While working with Stefanie recently on a call, we started with this germ of an idea that then sprouted, and through her creativity and the back and forth interactivity working one-on-one was able to take a product that could have been pretty boring and really exploded it out into something very fun and very creative. So during that call, we were able to take that idea and map out a comprehensive 12-month plan for this product launch. We were able to shortcut what would have probably taken me months and months of time to figure out on my own and put together all the pieces and get access to all the resources that I need to bring this product to market. Within a little over an hour's time, we had the entire framework done, and Stefanie was able to connect me with some of the key resources that I'll need to bring this product to market very, very quickly. So we were able to shortcut a process, that in the past has taken three, four, six months of time, to get a new product up and running down to a mere three or four week time frame.

So the other thing about working with Stefanie is that, although you're actually doing work, the work really becomes fun. I know every time that I have a call scheduled with Stefanie, I'm always looking forward to that with some anticipation because I never know what's going to come out of that call. Certainly we always have clearly defined goals and objectives before we sit down. But at the end of the hour that we spend together, we've not only accomplished those goals, we've had a lot of fun and in many cases we've even run a little bit over because we've lost track of time because we get that involved in the product. Her energy is just so infectious that you're done and you've accomplished your goals before you even realize that the time is up.

~Chuck Boyce, Independant Executive, Former Estee Lauder Executive


T. Harv Eker As you may have heard, for over 3 years, Stefanie was essential for helping to build the brand & profits for the now mega-millionaire, T. Harv Eker.  She was the behind-the-scenes marketing strategist. Stefanie and I go way back.  I can tell you she is the genuine article and her program is great.  Her work is not only life-changing, it is life-saving.

~Gail Balsillie, Former General Director of T. Harv Eker’s Company


~Scott Paton, Expert Blogger & Podcasting Specialist


 John Kremer

As soon as I met Stefanie at a function I said – I have to interview you and introduce you to my people. She has great info and is great fun!

~John Kremer, Author of “1001 Ways to Market your Book “ & Consultant to Deepak Chopra & Chicken Soup For Soul Authors.


Nick Nanton

Stef’s great! I definitely recommend her.
Don’t be surprised if you see me partnering or working with Stefanie in some fashion in the future.

~Nick Nanton, The Celebrity Lawyer, Celebrity Branding Agency


Mitch Axelrod
I want Stefanie & her wisdom in my next book!
~Mitch Axelrod, Best-selling Author New Game of Business


~Carmen Dragomir, Award Winning Commercial Designer, Friend & Student


~Lisa Reid,


It’s Trevor ‘Toecracker’ Crook I’m at Pirate’s Cove as a guest of Stefanie Hartman in a mastermind group.

Now, I came down as a guest and also as a speaker. But from the moment I arrived the people I met are amazing. I’ve been in mastermind groups where people don’t really contribute. In this group everybody contributed. Every person got at least one million dollar idea, some people got multi-million dollar ideas.

It’s like a frenzy of sharks attacking fish with ideas coming all over the place and people’s heads are spinning because of the amount of money they’ll make just from this weekend if they get off their butt and implement, and I know Stefanie personally will make sure they’ll implement.

So do yourself a favor. If you can get on her mastermind group, do it. It will be the best decision you’ve ever made.

Trevor 'Toecracker' Crook
2010 Business Olympian Experience


~Daven Micheals, CEO, Author of 'Outsource This'


Ari Galper You provided me the breakthrough I had been searching for. My presentation was so powerful that I outsold all of the other speakers and best of all, I never sold! While the other speakers struggled with positioning their products, I never had to, it was just part of the natural dialogue of the presentation. Stefanie, you are now a permanent member on my team!

~Ari Galper,  Author/ President Unlock the Game


I want to say this to both Stefanie, Vickie and Tania, because I have to say that in the experiences that I have had with you, the level of heart and caring and investment, investment in the very best meaning of the word that you have in what you do and the level of emotion and caring and love that you bring to this call and us is really profound and I just want to thank you for it, I really am grateful.

~Linda Leslie


Robin J. Elliott Stefanie Hartman is one of the most accomplished and savvy marketers I have ever met. She has the ability, based on her own very successful track record, to package, position and promote authors, speakers and experts, using all aspects of media from radio and print to television, again based on her personal experience.

Stefanie is not just a pretty face; she makes it happen and drives the project with great skill and professionalism. Many "experts" have little experience and no track record to speak of.

Stefanie has been there, done that and no task beyond her skill or confidence level. She can communicate at any level and one is proud to have her on your side.

Stefanie's integrity and personal presentation is impeccable and she is a great asset to anyone who is serious about marketing, whether it be products, services or events. I unreservedly recommend her. Whatever her fee, it's too low in relation to the value she delivers!

~Robin J. Elliott – President, Elliott Enterprises Inc.


Declan Dunn The format and look (of the website) is awesome, it definitely follows the formula for success that I teach.  Copy rocks!

~Declan Dunn, Internet Marketing Guru



Sarah Collins Attendee at an event where Stefanie was one of two female speakers out of 20 speakers total on stage.
I really was impressed with her and I thought, “Of course, the only female out there, right?” I thought she just did such a terrific job.
So when I heard Stefanie start to speak it was like a breath of fresh air. I didn’t feel like she was trying to sell me something. I feel like she was trying to import information to me that could be very valuable and useful to me and to everybody else in the room.
It really was refreshing because I really wasn’t thrilled that I’d gone to a 2-day seminar. Up until that point I felt like I had spent money that I shouldn’t have. I just wasn’t getting anything out of it. But then when she came on stage, everything shifted for me.

Like I said, she was just like a breath of fresh air. Everything she said made sense. She was trying to give you really useful information that you could take back to your business, to your life, and apply it, make some positive changes. Her entire presentation for an hour just really spoke to me. She was the only one that weekend that really spoke to me like that.
I thought she was phenomenal. I would highly recommend to anybody working with her, just based on that hour alone, because she was so genuine and sincere. It’s so hard to find that in a marketing group when everybody is trying to sell you something and she didn’t come off that way at all. That was really hugely important to me because I felt like she cared what I got out of what she was saying to me. I didn’t get that impression from anybody else, so that just spoke volumes to me. I think she is just phenomenal. It’s like, “Oh, you are the reason why I’m here.”

~Sarah Collins – event attendee


Lisa Cherney When I met Stefanie I was speaking several times a month.  I delivered great content, but that's where the fun ended. My state-of-the-art products sat on the shelf.  One session with Stefanie and my platform sales doubled overnight!  She is a master and capturing the essence of what you bring to your clients.  She crafts the perfect words to inspire action. If you are ready to skyrocket your business and change more lives, then you are ready for Stefanie Hartman!"

Lisa Cherney, President Conscious Marketing


Ellen Violette Stefanie helped me create a powerful pitch and I was able to close two clients this weekend (my first time out) for a total of $4000 dollars in sales. Thank you Stefanie!

Ellen Violette, Copywriter, The E-book Coach


Yvette Ryan Just wanted to write to say hello and to wish you every success imaginable this year with business and your personal life. It sounds like you are rocketing ahead as usual with exciting ventures. Well now, it really wouldn't be you if you weren't!

Life for me and Tom is absolutely unrecognizable for us. On the business front we are involved in a joint venture here in Ireland which is proving life-changing. Our partner is a high flyer and has loads of contacts in the corporate world. I do what I do best, get brochures sorted and speak and he gets the business in. Perfecto! He saw me speak last year and it seems he was immensely impressed.

Our book, "Having the E-Factor" is going to be published and distributed in the US by John Mason (fingers crossed) who has sold over 1 million books personally and is a publisher of many well known books. This is still in the early stages but came about because we self published and showed it had selling power already. Thank you, both these successes can be attributed in part to you.

Even more exciting for us is that my health has returned to a phenomenal status and we are having so much more success in our lives and working so very little. How did that happen? I've learned that what is important to us is to be free first, when that is our starting point, it's all gravy. I absolutely love being free!!!!!! The money of our dreams is to follow very soon, of that I am certain.

Anyway, dear friend, just wanted to touch base and say hi.  Wishing you continued fun, abundance and joy,

Yvette Ryan
MIT Grad


Bob Korman For the past year I have had the opportunity to work with Stefanie Hartman. I have found her to be highly competent in the set-up, promotion and speaker preparation in conjunction with telephone seminars geared toward the business, motivational and spiritual education of entrepreneurial personal and organizations.

She has built a team of marketing and Internet professionals who are brought in to complete individual assignments where such supplemental skills are required.

I have further observed that she brings great energy, creative ideas, dedication and integrity to the projects that she has committed to.

In my estimation she would be very worthy of consideration should you require a highly motivated professional in the marketing, product positioning or related endeavors.

Bob Korman, Arizona Entrepreneur of the Year Winner and Inc. 500 Company


Mike Litmanquote Stefanie has top-secret information that may take you 10 years and thousands of dollars in mistakes to learn – scratch that – this is information that the average person may never learn! quote

Mike Litman, Best-Selling Author Conversations with Millionaires


Ken Foster I have always wondered where to find the training and coaching to be one of the best.  Well, I found the secret when I met Stefanie HartmanI had never enrolled clients into a $2,000 product on a teleclass, but with guidance from Stefanie, I accomplished that goal easily and quickly.

Her talents didn’t stop there, it was because of her that my book became a #1 Bestseller on the date she predicted.

She is one of the greatest undiscovered marketing geniuses around.  If you are looking for someone to take your business to the next level, look no further hire Stefanie.

Ken Foster, CEO Shared Vision Network


Stefanie Hartman is a shining example of what marketing brilliance is all about. She knows how to position a product for exceptional results, is a master copywriter, is well aware of the most popular trends in marketing and has helped me yield the highest results I've achieved in my business in years! What I love most about Stefanie is how she focuses on our goals while maintaining a professional, yet personal, relationship with me as her client. She's available, courteous and knowledgeable. A rare combination! Thank you Stefanie!!!

Annette Sharpe, Founder of Growing for Success – Your Personal Growth & Business Coaching Community


Scott Ercoliani I am a video producer creating video content for government agencies, corporations, small businesses and individuals. Currently I produce "igetrealtv" DVDs – movies for your mind.

Before taking the "MIT" program, I was dis-satisfied with my "falsely secure" job – working mostly for others – in order to pay the bills. I was unclear about how I would step out in a new direction with my skill-set in a way where I could make a real difference and feel that I was completely self-expressed – and on purpose. I knew I was ready for a quantum leap breakthrough experience. That is just what I got from attending Stefanie's course MIT – a quantum jump into a new realm of expression and freedom all while using my current skill-set and passion. In the program my eyes were opened to a whole new experience of BEing a business person. Ideas I never thought of were presented in a fun, easy to follow manner. She was accessible and the program was very interactive. I found my true purpose of expressing gratitude and my love of life through a new DVD collection I've developed called "i-get-real-tv".

I've learned so much and continue to apply the concepts that are taught and I see direct results every day. I now send DVDs all over the world, have over a quarter million hits on YouTube, a growing email list, subscribers, I appear on radio shows, am co-author in a best-selling book, have a growing number of organizations purchasing DVDs as well as using my video content as part of their live events, and the results go on and on. What's great is, I am clear that this is just the beginning.

Before I got involved with Joint Ventures that Stefanie teaches, I had been working alone with myself for myself – trying to "make it". My results had been very limited. Now, I enjoy working with others in a collaborative way – with each other, for each other. I am quickly finding that the best way to expand and "get out there" and to have my DVDs get noticed is to work with others by helping them. There is a natural "win- win" relationship that develops. Whether it's donating DVDs to causes, or working with radio stations for fund drives, or offering free gifts to anothers promotion – I have found Joint Venture participation to be a great way grow my business.

I'd have to say that the biggest result I got from and continue to get is the uplifting encouragement and continual message from Stefanie that "I can do it"! She's that teacher that sees in you, what you want to see in yourself. She is very inspirational – and that is rare.

Scott Ercoliani


Brenda Crompton I am a business architect/consultant. I was looking for a new business that would allow me to travel. I learned Stefanie's approach to creating JVs as an ambassador. I created a teleseminar program that helps people choose the best RV for them with experts from across the country (this is in progress and will be crazy successful in the month of April/May 2010). I will write a much better paragraph for you if you are interested in this for your book.

I am a business architect/consultant. I was looking for a new business that would allow me to travel. The MIT program helped me transition from being a consultant working one on one with business executives, to packaging my knowledge into products. This lets me sell value rather than time. My first project using this approach was with a topic that I am passionate about: RVing. It was (will be) wildly successful in April/May 2010 with more than 10 of expert speakers (more showing up all the time) and over 500 listeners. (I will provide the actual numbers later.) This translated into thousands of dollars in revenue.

Brenda Crompton


Rev. Kenny Kozlowski I had 13 stories about finding valuable thrift store art written down, but had a poor title, and no structured marketing plan. After reading about you, and lisitening to your interview, on Rick Frishman's website, I signed up for and graduated with a new title "Hidden Treasure Detective", a new Idea for filming some of my buying adventures, and a whole list of fresh marketing ideas.The results are published Ebook, a funny and informative YouTube video channel, and booked a speaking gig about art collecting, at the Chesterton Art Center. Stefanie helped me sort through what I wanted, and the MIT program helped me understand real case studies, and hear experts extole on all the marketing hot button issues. o the MIT training course taught me to be an author, speaker, self publisher, and even a better art collector! By May 1st 2010 Smashmouth advance will have Non-ficition book, "Does God Want you to have a Garage Sale?

Rev. Kenny Kozlowski


Barbara J. Semple I knew nothing about the Internet beyond how to do email 5 year ago. Today I am a best selling author because of my joint venture relationships and what I learned form Stefanie! In fact, the Internet is a very spiritual place! I have met some wonderful kindred spirits through my JV relationships that have turned out to be deep soul connections. I suppose this isn’t exactly what you expect to read in a book about growing your business. Besides being invaluable to me, a 1 person operation, I feel engaging joint venture relationships is doing business at its best. Imagine experiencing supportive soul friendships with kindness, respect and fun as you share your inspired products in the world at large. It’s happening now. Follow your inner guidance when looking for JV partners and create some True Self buddies along the way. “Five years ago my life was in slow motion until I met Stefanie Hartman . I became one of her first MIT students. She offered me a chance to look at my life, what I loved to do and asked me how I could do it better. She took me way outside my comfort zone and her modulated program helped me prioritize, organize and create something that had never been done before. Today I run a successful Internet marketing business selling unique complementary health education products. One of the very best things I learned was how to create a brilliant teleseminar, the know-how of which helps me in every speaking engagement, radio interview and even my recent Instant Healing Teleclass Series. I have tons of resources at hand, everything I need to know to become Internet savvy, with the MIT program. Deciding to take your business into a global market through the Internet is a big decision, and can feel overwhelming, I know. With the MIT program I worked at my own pace and eventually found my stride. Kudos forever, Stefanie!

Barbara J. Semple, Self-Healing Activist and Best Selling Author, Instant Healing – Accessing Creative Intelligence for Healing Body and Soul


Arlene Karian The JV training enabled me to: Both create a sellable program and enrich it through the power of a teleseminar, gave me the opportunity to show product differentiation, Gave me the opportunity to tell the power of my compelling story. It helped me to generate revenue, and inspired many people to take my course, one of who became very successful and openly acknowledges me in a testimony. Encouraged me to create a website to drive people to hear my teleseminar. It also gave others in the human potential field the opportunity to share their gifts and share mailings with each other. It gave me the oportunity to share my contribution with others.

I teach as a living. I started with a modality that was on a single CD. From JV training, I created a sellable program, teleseminar and website. It gave others opportunity to share both their gifts and mailings. Gave me the opporutnity to tell my compelling story, generate revenue, and inspired people to take my course. I feel blessed to make my contribution this way.

Arlene Karian


Joseph Ghabi I am Numerologist and provide consultation on both Numerology and Healing Childhood Experience. I have a lot of knowledge’s, lots of resource’s and lots experience’s but I was all over the place. It was hard for me to focus and my cash was drying up at one point. I was in relationship during the my MIT course and during and after my course I was forced indirectly to put it aside temporary because we had 2 beautiful kids Robbie & Tiffany. So I made a copy of the course because I knew I will come back to it, which I did and I will probably keep coming to it to keep centering and concentrating. The material is easy to work with but you need to work to bring result as anything else in your life. I learned many different things from the course on how to do things without to try inventing the wheel again. So I sat down again and started working on my first book as a self help book to help get the essence of who you are, what you are here to do, what type of experiences and lessons you will go through in your life and to discover your destiny. My favorite Module of the course and they are few but one that was the major influence to me was how to define your expertise, the first module. I was accustomed on doing so many tasks in life as Jack of all trade and good at none. Stefanie’s work opened my eyes to my potential, showed me how to take the knowledge I have inside me and how to turn that into a profitable online business. From jack –of-all-trades to someone with a REAL BUSINESS.  Now I just released in January 2010 my new book ‘The Blueprint of Your Soul – Discover Yourself and Your Blueprint Destiny’ after 3 years from starting the course with 2 babies. That was not a bad deal after all. A weight has been lifted off of me as I can provide for my family, by simply following Stefanie’s advice. Now I am about applying everything I learned from the course and the course will always be my guideline for success…

Joseph Ghabi


Cindi Boyd Before attending Oct.3-5 attended Entrepreneur Breakthrough, I was in a stagnant place. I was just getting by and not a clue on how to get going with my skills. That seminar represented a "pick me up and reason to get going." I learned the right questions to ask myself to develop my expertise. I learned how to develop my expertise, I learned about the many ways to increase my income, and I learned about the many internet tools available to support my efforts. Let's just say, a new world opened up for me to get excited about. My partner Maryalice Bourdelais, signed up with the private jv club membership and offered me the tools needed to get started on our website. I launched our website in Feb. 2010. I reference the material quite often to refresh and insight opportunities. I am excited about the many opportunities our website will offer. As well as other opportunities. 

Cindi Boyd


Carmen Dragomir As a professional, architect by training, currently running my own interior design practice, I thought the only way to profess was to get a client or few and provide them with my best service. I knew though that I won't be able to be involved in all the projects I loved because even when you hire other professionals, a professional's practice is about that professional, we somewhat create our brand directly linked to our name. I knew there must be a way of leveraging my business of providing value to more to more people, and this is just a token of what I've learned since I met Stefanie Hartman My most important lesson is the one called "trade your value and not your time" what an eye opener!

I was providing design services for few projects at a time, as many as I can manage along with my staff. My problem was that I wanted to help more and more people to enter their own unique design journey. Personal spaces are one of the key factors in improving people's lives and I wanted to touch as many lives as possible but I didn't know HOW. What I have learned is that unique way of bringing all my expertise, talents and passions together and create a tool that will help as many people as possible. It is a work in progress and I cannot be more excited about the day when I will see more and more people embracing my design ideas and create that special place called "Home". While being part of MIT I entered a world of international business ideas brainstorming which is EXACTLY what I was looking for. Stepping out of your business limitations and learning from other industries was my biggest take away from the program, along with so many business connections that I could’ve not find other way.  

Carmen Dragomir



Debra Kahnen, RN, ND – “Breakthrough Specialist”
MIT Accreditation: Entrepreneur Program

About Debra: I have spent 20 years in the personal development field counseling with and training people. Ever since I was a little girl I always knew I was here to help people; to make a difference in their lives in some way.  My passion is to help people break through barriers to accomplishing what they want in their life.  Your mind can be your best friend or worse enemy when it comes to achieving radiant health and fitness, success, or a fulfilling relationship.  As a breakthrough specialist my job is to help you fulfill your life's desires.


Debra Kahnen's MIT Experience

Debra Kahnen

I’m Debra Kahnen, and of course I heard Stefanie, I heard her TeleSeminar when she was a guest on another TeleSeminar and I was impressed with her knowledge and who she was as a person and it was so interesting, when you start to do the training with her she teaches you that that’s a formula.

She teaches you an ‘Earn the Right Story’ where you get across your credentials, but at the same time you touch people at a heart level and let them know you really care, and you want to help them and they can relate to you as a person and they feel like you’re relating to them as a person.

So you can really reach out and touch your customers and they can relate to you and want to do business with you.  So when she did the TeleSeminar class and she told us the formula, the step-by-step formula, I thought – My goodness, that’s the same formula as all these big guys use that make you want to run to the back of the room and give them all your money no matter what they’re selling.  So it was really powerful to know the formulas behind that – that you can be successful just like all the other people, that there isn’t like a magic moment that happens and all of a sudden you become successful.  It’s like she said, if you keep implementing the strategies, they’re predictable, and she really wanted everyone to get that it’s predictable.  If you know what you’re doing and you keep doing it you will get the results, and that it doesn’t happen to this person and not that person, just the people that apply it. 

One of the things I love about Stefanie is she’s always trying to make thing better.  Better for her clients, better for her customers and all that she does.  And one of the things that she put together for this next group going through or maybe the group that’s going through now, is a support group for them to help each other and hold each other accountable and brainstorm and really implement all the things she teaches which will be such a wonderful thing to have that support of someone to continuously bat ideas back and forth with that is also a really successful entrepreneur.  So I think that is extremely valuable to anyone who wants to get into the program.

Sincerely, Debra Kahnen


Bill Sweetman – Internet Marketing & Blog Expert, Writer, TV/Magazine Contributor
MIT Accreditation: Elite Program

About Bill:  Bill Sweetman is one of the Internet marketing industry's most respected authorities, and his innovative work over the last 15 years has been recognized by numerous awards, including the prestigious Internet World Impact Award for Communications.

Bill Sweetman is the Vice President, Internet Strategy at MacLaren McCann Direct & Interactive.  Bill Sweetman is a popular and dynamic speaker on the topic of Internet marketing at business events and private functions. As an Internet marketing specialist, Bill has overseen Internet marketing campaigns for companies such as Alliance Atlantis Communications, CBC, Dupont, Enbridge Gas Distribution, Harlequin Enterprises, Hewlett-Packard, Pfizer Canada, and RBC Royal Bank.

Bill is a regular contributor to various industry publications and Websites, a frequent speaker at industry conferences, and is regularly interviewed by the media as an Internet marketing expert. He is also one of the founders of The Canadian New Media Awards, and he has worked as a producer on numerous award-winning Websites. A member of the Association for Internet Marketing and Sales (AIMS), Bill also serves on the Digital Marketing Conference Committee for the Canadian Marketing Association and the Centennial College e-Business Institute Advisory Council.  Bill lives with his wife and cats in Toronto, Canada.

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Bill Sweetman's MIT Experience


I’m an internet marketing specialist and a speaker for 10 years – but did I ever learn a ton.  Stefanie showed me some small, significant adjustments and literally within a few weeks my speaking doubled plus  I got offered to be regular contributor to a television show! So that alone was just a phenomenal experience.

What I loved best about the program was there was there was a clearly defined plan of action along with an amazing set of resources and tools to help me put that plan into action. I mean way more then I could have ever imagined &it just so much easier to start getting stuff done.

Even though I’m just getting started some strategies have been a phenomenal success and I wouldn’t have done it without the gentle prodding from Stefanie .

One of the big breakthroughs for me going through this program was learning how to think even bigger, be more ambitious, in terms of how to position myself.

Before I’d found out about Stefanie and her program I had spent several years exploring the information products space.  I actually hired a person working with me, we spent a lot of time and a lot of money investigating this, and we realized the further we drilled down that there where huge gaps of knowledge that could not be obtained, there were no books, websites, there just didn’t seem to be any way we could get behind the scenes and figure out the ‘secret sauce’ behind all of this and that was really frustrating until I heard Stefanie speak.  I was only one or two modules into the program when I realized ‘oh, my god’ there’s so much here that I had been looking for that didn’t know existed.

Just a buffet of the learning and knowledge that we wanted to get our hands on and it was all being provided to me I was just so relieved and happy that I kind of kicked myself ‘if only, if only I had found out about Stefanie sooner’ so I completely and whole heartedly endorse and recommend the program. You’ll never find a better program, a better resource.  They don’t exist, you can spend a lot of time trying to track this stuff down but you’re not going to find it so I highly, highly recommend it.

Bill Sweetman, Vice President, Internet Strategy at MacLaren McCann Direct & Interactive.  Bill is one of the Internet marketing industry's most respected authorities, and his innovative work over the last 15 years has been recognized by numerous awards, including the prestigious Internet World Impact Award for Communications.



Jolene Carson – Speaker, Consultant, Author, CEO
MIT Accreditation: Entrepreneur Program

About Jolene: Founder and president of SUCCESSabilities, a training/consultant company. 
Jolene has over 20 years experience training and teaching was rated a "Top Ten" trainer by a large training company of 350 trainers, and rated the "Number One" trainer for "Conference for Assistants." Jolene works with organizations that want to improve communication and with people who want to create better relationships.  Jolene conducts presentations and workshops throughout the country.

She is a member of the National Speakers Association, a past member of Toastmasters, has worked as a Graduate Assistant with several Dale Carnegie classes, and taught at University of Louisiana-Monroe. She received her bachelor and master degrees from Louisiana Tech University at Ruston, LA with her graduate degree in Human Relations and Supervision / Industrial Organizational Psychology.

She has been active in her professional organizations and has received several awards: recipient of the Mallinckrodt Award of Excellence, NEMA award, elevation to Fellow, and Life Member.

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Jolene Carson 's MIT Experience

Jolene Carson

Hi, this is Jolene Carson. What I loved best about the program was the fact that you could tell that Stefanie really enjoyed the program.  You could hear it in her voice, she had high energy, she’s enthusiastic and she packed in the information and that was very helpful.

One of the things I really liked about the program, and the reason I’m saying this is because I as a learner and communicator get in a lot of programs and I found out many times I didn’t really get much that I didn’t already know, so in this program I found that I did get a lot of information.

Not only did we get what we were promised, we got more than promised, we had bonuses, we ended up having extra calls and not only did we get the information on the calls, but we had the information provided in writing, which is a great tool for me.

It makes it so much easier and simpler just to have it there were it could be used, so I really found that to be a great bonus.  One of the things that was very helpful to me was the resources that Stefanie gave us.

As a matter of fact she didn’t just give it one time she updated itEvery time she got more information, she kept adding to that resource list.  So it makes it just so helpful to have it all right there where you can just go to it and start looking to see which of those resources one needs and what will help them the most, because it would be different ones for different ones of us depending on what we are looking for.  So the resource list was very, very helpful. 

I know there are a lot of programs out there and it gets very difficult to decide which one, however I would wholeheartedly recommend Stefanie’s program for anyone taking their business to the next level or someone just trying to start out, maybe they don’t even have their business yet and their just trying to get started.  I think that Stefanie gives more information than most anyone I’ve worked with in the past and she makes it so easy to follow.

In fact if someone wants to call me or email me I’d be glad to give them specific information that they have about the program because I do think it’s a truly great program.  I highly recommend it.  Just one way to add to that – it truly is worth the investment, you’ll get more in that what you invest.  I think Stefanie’s great.  I could recommend her to anyone. 

One thing about Stefanie on the calls, she’s right there open, listening to what your needs are and she knows how to ask the right questions to direct you on your path so that it makes it more clear for the next step that you need to take.  So that’s also a big help to have someone in and like I said she’s high energy and that’s also a big help for me.  I think Stefanie’s great.  I would recommend her to anyone.


Mike Davidson, Ph.D. – Psychologist, Speaker, Executive Coach Consultant 
MIT Accreditation: Elite Program

About Mike: I have spent the past 15 years of my life working with people as a Psychologist and Executive Coach Consultant.  Growing up, I made a decision to get clear about what I wanted for my life and to work toward this outcome.  Over the past 20 years I have completed a Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree and a Doctoral Degree, all with high honors.  I teach in a doctoral program in Clinical Psychology.

I run a thriving business providing counseling, coaching and consultation to individuals and organizations interested breaking through the barriers to their success.  I have a weekly personal development radio show, which puts me in contact with the leaders in the personal development field.  I am called upon to conduct speeches to groups about helping people create the life of their dreams.  Most important, I have an extraordinary family.  My wife of 15 years and I have three amazing children.

Dr. Mike's MIT Experience

Mike Davidson

Hi, I’m Dr. Mike Davison, I am a clinical psychologist, a coach and a trainer. I really loved the content, it was exceptional, but the delivery of the content was key for me because the pacing and the sequencing of the content was at a level that I could integrate the information, and apply the information.

Because I’ve been to lots of workshops and seminars on developing the marketing mindset and typically I walk away feeling overwhelmed and overloaded with information without any ability to sort of way to integrate it, and then I end up feeling like a deer caught in the headlights.   

With the MIT program I really felt like I was able to get the information in chunks and apply it and integrate it and make use of it, so that by the time I was done I really felt like I had made huge progress in getting my business where I wanted it to go.

I really felt that something I didn’t expect and I did get was a new consciousness, and by that I mean I got a sense that marketing is really an ethical imperative for me.   Where it’s always been sales, marketing has always been things that I intuitively knew that I had to do, but I didn’t want to do them, they sort of had a negative connotation in some ways because I’m doing this noble work it’s impacting people’s lives.  And now I see it as developing that consciousness, or that a marketing mindset is an actual ethical imperative because when I’m impacting people in a way that draws on my strengths and talents I feel better about myself and I’m having a bigger impact on the world and without developing that mindset my ability to impact people is going to be much more limited. 

My AHA moment was that I can have that impact on the world that I want to have and not get swallowed up by it.  Because I’ve had a business now for a number of years and it’s been financially lucrative for me, however at the expense of self in some ways.  I really felt like it ran me, it owned me, it took more of me, of my time, more of my energy, more of my focus, and now –  I feel like I have a greater sense of balance, a bigger picture.  I’m more focused on who it is I want to impact, how it is that I want to impact people and I can do that in a way that also allows me to not get swallowed up by it.  

In addition to financially the rewards that have come out of the program, I feel like I am more focused, I’m less hurried, because I have a greater sense of certainty that what I want to create is going to happen.  I have a clearer, a much clearer picture. Stefanie talks about creating your big picture marketing plan and that was a really important idea to me because I have a much clearer sense today about what I want to create and I don’t feel so hurried.  Now I sort of use the slow and steady wins the race, as long as I’m slowly and continually working on developing my business, that will happen.  In the past I used to peak and valley with my efforts. I would put in a ton of effort and then I would do nothing, then a ton of effort, so I really felt like I was on a roller coaster.  That’s really smoothed out for me and I feel more focused and just a greater sense of balance. 

I’m absolutely clear that my income has gone up as a result of my involvement in the program which has afforded me the opportunity to begin to slowly back away from some of my endeavors that were financially lucrative, but draining to me.  I’m well on my way to that already.

I got enough content from this program to apply really, for the rest of my life.  I really feel like this program, it sounds sort of extreme to put it this way, but it’s really empowered me to believe and know that I can create the legacy that I want to create. I feel like my long term outcome is to be able to triple my income and to do that in a way that allows me to be doing the things that I do best, the ways that I impact people best and be able to have more free time, more time to connect with the family, more time to cultivate my own relationships, my own spirituality, and have the kind of balance that I haven’t been able to achieve to date as an entrepreneur. 

One of the things that was a real blessing of the program for me was the relationship with Stefanie. I really got the sense that she genuinely cared about my success and that sort of sounds like an obvious, but I’ve worked with a lot of other coaches who I feel were talented and really gifted in doing what they do, but I was just another customer and I didn’t feel that way with Stefanie.  I really felt like she has a personal investment in me in a personal level, in a professional level, and she genuinely gets jazzed up and excited when I’m able to achieve certain outcomes that I wanted to achieve.

Sincerely, Mike Davidson, Ph.D


Kunbi Korestenski, N.D./Psychotherapist – Switzerland,“Life Changer Coach”
MIT Accreditation: Elite Program

About Kunbi: Olakunbi Korostensky is a lady of deep inner perception, who not only loves to bring out the best in herself, but in others.  As a certified Naturopathic Doctor – ND, Psychotherapist and Life Changer Coach ™, the many years of experience in her own practice have given her deep insight into the challenges people are often faced with when undergoing changes.

Her years of professional studies have been very extensive, from England to Germany to Swizerland and to the United States. She absorbed her Life Coaching training at the Institute For Life Coaching Training for professionals. She is a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF).     

Kunbi Korestensky's MIT Experience

Kunbi Korestenski

My name  is Kunbi Korestensky.  I’m a naturopathic doctor and psychotherapist who turned life changer coach about a couple of years ago.  I live in Switzerland.  In the past, I have tried various other programs but with very minimal results. The program is a new thing for me completely.

Completely new because I didn’t know what to expect, but right from the beginning when I went into the program I realized that this is something that will be very helpful for my business and where I wanted to go with my business. 

What I personally liked most about the program was the possibility to download the different modules, and then in my own time, to listen to them again.  I found them very useful and that I could work at my own pace.Another aspect of the program that I really loved, is the personal connection with all the people on the program.

One of the new students contacted me and we had a long chat up to about 11/2 hours on the telephone, we were talking and we really bonded and now it looks as if we’re going to work together.  So that’s another validation for what I’ve been saying that this is one of those wonderful moments where you just see something good and you just go for it, you never know where it’s going to lead you.  You won’t believe it – through this program I’ve had so many connections that I wouldn’t have thought possible. 

Another thing that I really enjoyed about the program was the possibility of being able to connect with Stefanie whenever I needed help, which she actually offered to me on more than one occasion.  I also spoke to her many times by the telephone and she was very encouraging and she helped me start a huge project which I’m now working on which is the International Woman’s Conference in Switzerland, which I have now decided to make to a yearly conference.  So I hope that anyone who is hearing this can see how just by working with Stefanie can really bring your business to the next level. 

I remember saying to myself, ‘Oh, yes this is what you really need’.  Personally I feel that I have grown tremendously through this mentoring program because it helped me really leave my comfort zone and thereby take on a project that normally I would think twice before getting in to it.  But I just got up one morning and had this very strong intuition.  It was actually like my small voice saying to me ‘Now you organize a conference’ and I held the name and at that time I said to myself ‘Oh, an international conference?’ how do I go about that.  I’ll ask Stefanie about it and if Stefanie supports me on it, then I will definitely go into it.  So that’s how I started and I believe very much that if it hadn’t been for Stefanie and for the knowledge to know that Stefanie’s behind me a 100%  I probably wouldn’t have taken on this project, so I’m really grateful for that.

I will say that if anyone is considering going into this program, don’t consider it just go into it because I can assure you that even if you’re not sure where you’re going to go with it, the more you go into it the doors will open up to you.  You will just begin to get more and more ideas of how you can use some of the different modules for yourself and for your own business and then just apply it.  So I will suggest that anyone who is considering doing it, just go for it and you will find that it’s been worth the price and it’s been worth your time as well. 

I always thought that I wanted to do more teleclasses and when the opportunity came with this modules from Stefanie, I studied it I thought, wow, I had a great idea what I wanted to do with it to interview special women who have actually managed to really make something of their lives, sort of unleashed their own greatness, and I did.  It means that if I am able to use that program in that module to create a product for myself which I can also sell, and at the same time with the International Women’s Conference that I also now organized, which means that I am able within this short period of time of the mentorship I’ve been able to create two great products. 

So I think it’s really worthwhile and there’s so much more to come, so I advise anyone who wants to do it to go ahead and do it.  Another thing I wanted to say about the program is that I really feel like it is like a family thing, this is always what I wanted to create, and I think Stefanie managed to do that.  I have to say thank you, thank you very much to Stefanie for creating such a wonderful program and making people feel like they belong you know together.

I think it’s wonderful, just wonderful and that’s why I love her I just love her.  I mean when I write it just comes from my heart.  I feel as if she’s a sister, really I do, beyond just having a mentor, the way I feel towards her I feel connected.  It’s really nice to know that you are so far apart and still connected.  You know so it’s just wonderful, thank you so much! You’re doing wonderful work and helping so may women and I’m going to say that I encourage more women to participate in this course because it can make a world a difference to them, really it will be.

Stefanie, Thank you for being there for those of us who ache to better ourselves and bring more glory to the world. I am ever so grateful to "know" you and I hope that one day we shall meet in person. 

Once again thank you and I love what you're doing.



Althea DixonName: Althea Dixon, Author & Entrepreneur
MIT Accreditation:
Entrepreneur Program

Stefanie, I want you to know that, for the first time, I KNOW I can do this, and thank you again. I am incorporating your training in my every day life as well and it really gets them. Wow!

P.S. I know why Stephanie said she was glad I was in the class. When I get to be a Millionaire she will point to me and say, "you see that grey haired lady? When I got hold of her she was doing everything wrong. Now look at her!" Thanks again for spending so much time with me on the intimate group calls. Wasn't expecting all that, but it is gratefully accepted. You have definitely have so much experience and knowledge to give!



Barbara Semple – Entrepreneur, Publisher, Writer, “Self Care Expert”
MIT Accreditation: Entrepreneur Program

About Barbara: Barbara J. Semple is an entrepreneur, publisher, writer and educator. After a long, successful career in marketing and communications, Barbara brought her multi-faceted skill set forward and has been a practitioner of holistic healing touch for 16 years. I began my studies in mind, body, sprit health in 1981 and have been an acupressure therapist for 16 years.

I live in northern California and I’m happy to be a part of Stefanie’s group. She is author of a number of books including Soul Aerobics® – Conscious Movement of a Soul Into Wholeness. Her first published work, Personal Power Cards – Flash Cards for Emotional Wellness. New Age Retailer called Barbara’s Personal Power Cardsone of the best recovery tools ever seen.”

She is presently writing a book on body health. She is past president and secretary for Beta Sigma Phi, St. Paul, Minnesota Chapter, and a past board member of the Mount Shasta Bioregional Ecology Center. She currently sits on the advisory board for the Mount Shasta Bioregional Ecology Center. She is Secretary and board member for Shasta Energy Group, which promotes renewable energy solutions and sustainability concepts.

Barbara Semple's MIT Experience

Barbara J. Semple

My name is Barbara Semple, I am a self care expert.  I found Stefanie Hartman by accident last year, and of course there are no ‘accidents’ I believe that.

I was sitting in on a free teleclass and everything that Stefanie was saying was things that I felt that I knew that I needed in order for myself to be present with the way things were changing in terms of Marketing and communicating with people and being out there in the world, and so I signed up originally thinking it would be a ten-week course and when it turned into a seven-month course I was really excited about that. 

When I first started with Stefanie I had no idea I was going to create a project, I didn’t know I was going to spend the next 9 months of my life focusing on something really specific and so basically having come together with Stefanie and having joined her program I’ve been able to focus on really clearly on something that I can do, that I love to do and that I do well that is a wonderful way for me to serve humanity.

And I’m so grateful to Stefanie for so many things.  I’ve said this before; it seems that everything that comes out of her mouth is valuable to me.  Things that I am so happy to have the knowledge and resources If you’re really serious about creating a project and having it out there in the world in a big way, in a profoundly beneficial way then Stefanie is somebody to work with.  She’s present, she pays attention, she’s honest, she’s an authentic person, she’s made a huge difference in my life in terms of helping me be the very best an offer something wonderful to the world and I look forward to my continued working with her

What I loved best about the program was knowing that there was a continuity that I could be connected to in terms of going forward with my own project and I knew that Stefanie was committed to helping me, helping people get to that place of being the best at what I do and sharing it with the world.  I think what I like best and what I continue to like is knowing that I have a very wise expert and a very wise team helping me be the best.

I didn’t expect that I would have such a heightened sense of personal confidence in what I can do and I’m very grateful for that.  I feel very wise, I feel that I have tons of resources and information and access to everything that I need and that I don’t have to re-invent the wheel anywhere, so it makes my life easier.

I would say if somebody is really serious and they really want to be successful at whatever it is that they want to share with the world I wouldn’t even hesitate about, I would decide to join Stefanie’s program in a heartbeat because of how valuable it is, I mean it’s almost a priceless thing.

One thing that I’ve noticed is that it takes a special kind of a person to sign up for Stefanie’s program. I feel and one thing I’ve learned is that not everyone out there in the world wants what Stefanie has to offer and wouldn’t even know how to handle what she has to offer. So if a person does sign up for Stefanie’s program, they ought to be really proud of themselves, and it’s really something that they’re doing well for themselves if they go the distance with Stefanie’s program.

Because it takes a very special person and I don’t know how to say that, I’m not saying exclusive or anything like that, I’m just saying this is for people that are really serious about being the best and willing to go the distance and I know that means that someone is probably better than average I would say that Things that I thought were important to me aren’t, so special people will find her, special people should come to be a part of Stefanie’s program.



Hi, my name is Elizabeth Groff and my business is called the Art of Co-Creation Workshop. What we do is we teach people to paint on the same canvas at the same time. That’s amazing. They get the experience on creating something with another person. It’s intimate, it’s magical. The really cool part is that you start with the blank canvas, painting on it, and then you see the beauty of your relationship come out on the canvas and you end up with this magical painting that expresses your relationship.

What I loved the best is seeing how all of it fits together. I had all of it in my mind about what I wanted to do and how to create it, and it was like going through the modules one at a time. It’s like, “Oh, okay, you can create a teleseminar for this, then you can use the JV market to broadcast it and to market it and to see how even like the big picture, how you can paint all the things and structure them in.”

I love it because it gave me some grounding in creating my product. What I loved about the program was that there was endless ways to be able to get your product out there. Then what you have to do is create the copy, be in conversation about it, but the possibilities of getting it out there are enormous.

What I didn’t expect to get out of program was how passionate I am about the product and that I can take what I’m passionate about and convert that into something that I really love to do, and that I have enthusiasm in talking about.

I guess I started with an idea of the workshop, so I had the conceptual idea about it. But what I was surprised was how much passion that I have in like conviction when I’m sharing it with people and enthusiasm about it that lives inside of me. I was looking more at how to create a business and what I can do for a business as opposed to what I got as real passion.

What I really loved was how accessible Stefanie was, how she was on a call with you – you really were actually speaking to the person, like the person who was the founder of the company and providing the knowledge. Everyone there at the company is so into customer service and that isn’t even just that you are a customer. It isn’t, it’s like a little family, and there is an interest and desire to help you succeed and to get the knowledge that you have and to build your business, and to support you in any way that needs to be supported. That’s refreshing. That’s refreshing in a business that it’s not just about having more clients, but it’s really about creating a family. It’s very true. I had always thought that you are doing excellent job there.

The way that I’ve grown inside of it is that I notice things differently now. Knowing what it is that I have a passion for with the creativity workshops and some of the different ways that you can market to people I started seeing more opportunities in other places that I wouldn’t have seen before.

The other thing that I’ve got from the program that makes a huge difference is that it has to come from your heart, like your authenticity, like what you are passionate about, and when you are talking to people, it just comes out naturally.
If you are thinking about the program, I highly, highly recommend it. The support you receive, the knowledge that you receive, the education you receive is all available, and it’s up to you to take it on and embrace it. Like I said earlier, one of the biggest things I’ve got out of it was really to be able to take what I’m passionate about and it’s easy to talk about it, easy to share with people, and to turn that into a business.

The other thing is, too, that I want to share is that I kind of went into it thinking, “Oh, great, I’m going to have it done in seven months.” That isn’t a case because you are building a business, like I am. I’m building a business that’s going to last me a lifetime, and I came to it like it’s not, like it’s seven months and I’m done. But it gives you a strong, solid foundation and a group of people that are willing to work with you and are supportive to make this strive.

Elizabeth Groff – MIT Student



My name is Robert Hubbs. My website is We are here in Pirate’s Cove to change the way we think about who we are and what we do.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect. One of the challenges when you undertake something for the first time that looks at changes the very fabric of what you do, the thoughts of what you are having, you never know what to expect coming out of it.

I came with an idea of reinventing a piece of my business. I’ve done that for my clients for many years. I’ve reinvented their products, I’ve reinvented their businesses, I’ve reinvented how they work with their clients, but I’ve never undertaken that for myself. All of the sudden, I had to take my expertise and presented it to people who knew nothing about my industry and knew nothing about my business. They weren’t looking at what it was that I do, but they were thinking about how it was that I’m communicating that.

A group of people who I basically don’t know got to know enough about me and my business in a matter of 45 minutes to help me essentially reinvent what I do. It’s still me, it’s still my expertise seen through their eyes. The value of that? I don’t know how to put a price on it. I couldn’t have done it, I couldn’t have told you what it would have been worth before, and I couldn’t have told you what it would take to do that despite the fact that I’ve done it for other clients and I know what I charge them.

I also know it’s completely different when you do it for yourself. You can’t see it. You don’t know what you are going to do until you get there. Here, a group of people who I just met led me through that process. I can’t put a price on that. I just know it works.

One of the great things about getting connected with this event and being here is that we all were our authentic selves – jumping in pools, in a hot tub, sliding down the water slides, etc. How many times do you get to go to a top-notch corporate retreat or any place else and play on a water slide? We undervalue that.

We undervalue what it does for you as a person and how much it connects you to those other people and how quickly that happens. That’s probably a large part of why in 45 minutes you can make those kind of changes, because you have people who– the pretense is already gone. Everybody has been in a bathing suit, running around, in a hot tub. It gets a little easier to talk about your own corporate dirty laundry as it were. It’s connecting without being overwhelming.

When you have no expectations of who you are going to meet or what’s going to happen, everybody is something you didn’t think was going to happen and yet everybody is exactly what I wanted. Go figure! Wasn’t looking for it and that’s when you find it.

Robert Hubbs
2010 Business Olympian Experience


Hi, I’m Carole Litten from and this is my first time here.

I know Stefanie because I work with her in her MIT Program program and I knew that she gives great content for any of her instruction or experiences. So I willingly signed up, although I didn’t really know what was going to happen here. I just knew I was at the beginning of my business, at the beginning of the joint venture, and I had no idea what to expect, but I knew I was going to get something good.

So I showed up at Pirate’s Cove and there were immediately 20 people sort of in the same situation as me. But it didn’t start the following morning; it started right away, that evening, when I met Trevor and a couple of the other participants. Trevor, of course, is a copyright expert guest that Stefanie brought. We were sitting around the campfire and we started brainstorming right then and there. Immediately I got a great title for one of my projects.

Then the next morning I had to go and participate in the mastermind group. You’ve got to understand, I didn’t really know what the mastermind group really was. I had no idea what to expect. Stefanie comes up with the flip chart and then she said, “Who’s first?”

Well, I wanted to get started right away, because I had so much to know, so much to learn and the energy was fantastic. I was nervous thinking I didn’t really had that great of project or job or content, and I was blown away by all the ideas, the energy, the enthusiasm from my project. I was so motivated that night, it took about an hour or so to kind of transition down.

It’s a gift forever that I will take with me, the gift I was given with other people supporting my ideas, validating my ideas and contributing to my ideas.

Thank you, Stefanie! Thank you, Trevor! Thank you, Tania! Oh, and Jarrod, VP Minister of Transportation, thank you!

Carole Litten
2010 Business Olympian Experience


The  2010 Business Olympians Event at the Pirates Cove was an absolutely extraordinary experience for me because of course we have different cultures here.  Some people are from Canada and Australia, parts of the US and of course me from Belgium.  The location was fantastic, this place is phenomenal.  And I'm absolutely flabbergasted by Stefanie, she was really great.  It's one of the reason why I signed up.  Just seeing how she handled all of us, steered us in the right directions and also gave so much of herself to us without limitation is absolutely wonderful and extremely helpful for our businesses.  

In the brainstorming sessions everyone of us there had such passion and incredible stories and there was so many possibilities for everyone.  And everyone was like" oh yeah I wish I could've done that"  I think we were all part of everyone's business and story and just wanted to say "oh that's a good idea" or "how can I help?" or "oh I want to join in on that".  The energy in the room was just fantastic. 

We have created a family within the confidant circle –  we work so well together and we can help each other succeed and move forward in our businesses and lives. 

I came to this extraordinary, fantastic place Pirate’s Cove in Las Vegas, Nevada. I’m absolutely flabbergasted by the creativity of the owner of this place. It’s really beautiful and exceptional.

But, of course, the main purpose for me to come here is to work with Stefanie and a team on the project for business and I have to say it was absolutely fantastic. The insights we’ve got from so many people with different projects was on itself worth ten times hours I’ve spent traveling to here and the money I’ve spent to be here. But it was just a fountain of goldmines in every session that we had.

There were some special elements for me too, because I’m a little bit of a creative guy and not really focusing on what I need to do and where I need to go with things. The course’s structure really helps to focus on the things that are really going to bring in the money.

So for me this Business Olympics participation was fantastic and I’m looking forward to the next session. If you can do it, you would absolutely have to follow it. It’s really extraordinary experience. If you have the money for it, go for it, and it will bring you so much quicker to where you want to go. Absolutely do it. My recommendation.

Paul Ramon Lexus Auto Consultant 2010
Business Olympian Experience



Hi there! My name is Arlene Karian and I’m here at the Pirate’s Cove in Las Vegas with Stefanie’s group. I have to say it was wonderful!

Stefanie incorporated a sense of play for us. So while we accomplished a lot of the goals that we wanted to, we also were balancing out our stay by having fun, eating incredible food and just having access to this extraordinary mansion that was like almost from out of space.

So I really have to say that I had a wonderful time. I learned a lot. The people, the place, the input – they all couldn’t be better!

Arlene Karian
2010 Business Olympian Experience


I’m Dr. Joni Carley and this has been an amazing experience. I can’t believe it’s just the beginning! The mind power, the brain power, the range of experience in business and life and generosity of sharing and support has been really touching.
The potential that in my life and the potential magnified by all the people in the room is just hard to even imagine at this point. So it’s been a phenomenal experience and I’m very, very grateful.

Thank you!

Dr. Joni Carley
2010 Business Olympian Experience


Greg Joseph here. I’m up here at the Pirate’s Cove with Stefanie Hartman and group here.

I came up here for brainstorming ideas for my business. I had all sorts of expectations and fears that were dispelled immediately by the cordial group of people here. I’ve had so many “aha’s!” I’ve already put together several joint ventures without even knowing what they are yet.

There’s so much support, there’s so much information here I never expected. This has been one of the best opportunities I’ve seen in a lifetime. I can’t wait to be all that I am out back in the world now. This is going to be a great one!

Gregory Joseph
2010 Business Olympian Experience


My name is Robert Allan.

I’ve just got to say that I’m humbled – is the word that comes to mind – being at this weekend retreat with brilliant entrepreneurs and creative geniuses that you don’t often run into when you are doing your own thing in everyday life.

This has just been a very humbling experience for people that have been here. I’m amazed that Stefanie could pull together masterminds and powerful leaders that are obviously going to make a huge mark in this world and make change. You could see it coming.

Not only that, but the collaboration. Like one of the fellows that was here, Nat, a beautiful person, mentioned that we bonded and I really related to that because that’s what I felt was happening here, a bond with people from all over the countryside and even from Europe.

What I’m really excited about is not what we started today, but where it’s going to blossom to as we connect with each other further on down the road as we implement our plans and strategies that we’ve learned and shared here together. People have been so open about their plans and their ideas. The things that you would normally classify as trademark and the secret formulas, we just put it all on the table together with no fear, and the feedback was so pure, so powerful.

I’m just thrilled to have been a part of it, very humbled and really looking forward to when I get back home and taken the little piece that’s mine and rolling it in a totally different direction than I had when I first came here.

R. Robert Allan
2010 Business Olympian Experience


Hi, I’m Ross Arntson. I just want to let you know that the Business Olympians course is the bomb. You’ve got to get involved with this.

Stefanie puts together not only just an expert staff to help you along with your business and every aspect of your business, but look, this is where we do it. We are in the environment that is so creative and so fun, that you can’t help but expand and grow.

So if you really want to move to the next level in your business, or actually even 2 or 3 levels above, you need to get involved with the Business Olympians with Stefanie Hartman. It is the absolute best decision you’ll ever make.

Ross Arntson
2010 Business Olympian Experience


I’m Anne Ryan. In my life prior to today one of the things that I’ve done is to train and develop speakers who go out and present material to vast numbers of people.

Stefanie is a presenter and she does a fabulous job of that. She is also in this setting a person who allows everyone to speak and who allows ideas to flow. She has this wonderful, magical way that she draws out ideas that would never come out if they weren’t in this setting, with this person, with this ambiance. It is the most remarkable experience.

I’m here at Pirate’s Cove that is the greatest playground that you can possibly imagine for a conference to happen. There’s pirates, there’s ships, there’s animals, there’s people, there’s skeletons, there’s swimming, there’s water slides, etc. Anyway, anything you love is here.

It’s been the most wonderful experience to meet with likeminded people – small group! – who actually have a passion to help you create your best business. It is so fabulous to have the time where you’re in the spotlight and they get to feed you their ideas, and you, in turn, get to feed them your ideas. All together we are helping each others’ businesses grow.

I think Stefanie is fabulous. I think her process is incredible. I’m thrilled to death to be a member of her organization.

Anne Ryan
2010 Business Olympian Experience




Since I joined this program, I have simply SOARED! 

Ross Arnston Last year in addition to signing up for her Confidant Circle group, I also paid almost $30,000 for 2 other mastermind groups with big named trainers.  While each provided me with great content, by far, I got the most planning, support and individual help from Stefanie. It was absolutely the BEST!  Most other mastermind groups are just more seminars in disguise and they don’t give you any one-on-one attention and focus like Stefanie’s does.   I got so many brilliant ideas of how to launch my book that I felt like finally all the pieces have finally come into place.  Just to give you an idea, the first 15 minutes of my personal 45 minute hot-seat at the live event, PAID for the whole program.  I could have walked away happy and content, not receiving anything else for the rest of the year and felt it was well worth it!    I would join again at twice the price!   I highly recommend this!!!  Having Stefanie as a resource… Oh my god… I thought I was smart!  I have walked away with so many ideas and resources from where to start to how to finish.  This is a true Must Have for any entrepreneur.

Ross Arnston, Speaker, Author & Trainer,


I Leveraged my Expertise, Expanded my Vision & Landed on CNN!

Carolyn Gross I bought this program primarily to get the one-on-one coaching with Stefanie.  I am an accomplished professional speaker, and with her support I've had an incredible year! I did my first Teleclass and went from beginner to having the happy problem of my phone ringing off the hook.  Stefanie's coaching she showed me how to leverage my expertise and get full credit on an upcoming book project that I might have been short changed on.  Plus my vision expanded this year. The result was I was interviewed by CNN, ABC, NBC as a health advocate offering the treatable and beatable approach to cancer. My plans are big, but with the resources Stefanie provides, they are do-able!  

Carolyn Gross, Author, Speaker, Health Advocate



I Stepped into my Power, Mapped my Future & even WON an Award!

Carmen Dragomir I am passionate about design, but also business.  When I joined, I was working too many long hours during my job as a designer, not including managing staff and running an office.  I wanted to earn money with my talents but with a better business model.   I wanted fewer clients and the ability to manage my cash flow through other avenues than just the using my design services, I really wanted to ‘trade my value for money’ as Stefanie puts it.  I have being trying to do this for 3 years…but after just 2 of the live events, here’s what happened:

I went from…someone who could use a bit more confidence to knowing that my talents are powerful tools – I even won a coveted Award this year!

I went from…being confused for 3 years on “what to do”, to getting an entire website design, product launch formula and marketing plan mapped out!  I now know exactly where I am headed – and I am excited and grateful!     Plus – I now have FRIENDS for life! The people in the circle are amazing. I would join again today – sign me up for life!

Carmen Dragomir, Canadian Award Winning Interior Designer


Stefanie’s Group Awakened a Book in Me & the Life I Am Meant to Live!

Irene Eaves Stefanie’s circle group awakened a book in me that I have been hiding for years out of fear and apprehension.  The subject is so close to my heart, so close to the real me, that I was almost scared to put it out there.  But with the support of the group plus following the unique to this group lessons Stefanie gave us not only did I gain the confidence to move forward with my true dream and purpose, but a book that I had struggled to write – practically wrote itself in just days!  It all poured through me because now “I was ready”.  I truly believe that.  Stefanie is going to help me get it published and I couldn’t be more thrilled.  It truly is powerful to find your spirit and be who you are meant to be.  And P.S. – the group events were so much fun!  You almost forget how much you’re moving forward – you just feel like a really cool family.

Irene Eaves, Author, Teacher, Entrepreneur.


This is the Most Supported I have felt in my Life – it was beyond words!

Nat Couropmitree This past year was life changing for me.   I joined because I wanted to be part of a group of successful entrepreneurs.  What I got this year was more than I expected. During my time in the circle I changed my whole business model.  It was a huge emotional and financial monumental shift for me.  On top of that, I deepened my  whole understanding of my worth and I now know what I really provide for my clients that is different – and I can integrate into everything I am doing (my websites, my copy, my niches, my book).  When I began, I was doing well financially but it was all TIME based, with Stefanie’s help I shifted completely and I am now able to help more people, make more money and enjoy a more peaceful lifestyle.  The support I received in this circle is beyond words. It was also interesting to see how the group almost moved as one, we all came from such different places, yet we worked together and moved ahead together – the energy and power of a “group” is pretty amazing.  I would join again in a heartbeat!

Nat Couropmitree, Coach, Entrepreneur.



I had Too Many Ideas – This Group Helped Me Focus!

I had so many ideas of what ‘I could do’, in fact that was my problem, I didn’t know where to begin or what to focus on.  This group helped me see how powerful my life story was and how it could really help other families in practical ways.  It is funny what can be hard for you to see when it’s your own life, and yet it’s so loud and clear to others.  I shed a few tears at my own discoveries and transformation during this powerful year.

Catherine Renee Bereal, Entrepreneur.



The Group truly feels like a Supportive Loving Family, I grew so Much!

Debbie Franklin

This year has been an incredible journey. Stefanie and my mastermind group have become family. I think about how much I care about them, and they care about me and I could cry. Stefanie definitely has a gift of bringing the right people together. The bond we have developed is more than working together, it is really wanting to see each other succeed in achieving our goals.

I joined the Inner Circle with a new business idea that I wanted to develop. I was really scattered on how to bring it together. At the live events Stefanie had me write all my ideas on a white board, and with the help of the group, I was able to see how all the pieces fit together! It was a powerful process and really helped to move me forward in building my business and writing my book. I am mom, wife, and owner of two businesses: ( and )

At the beginning of the year, I had a concept of what my new “heart” business would be and what it would look like, but what it has ended up being has totally surprised me. Stefanie has an incredible talent in taking you through exercises to figure out what your message really is and how to deliver that to the world. I am amazed at how my business has evolved over the course of this year working with Stefanie and my group. I had always “played” with the idea of writing a book, but with Stefanie’s help, resources, and connections, it is no longer an idea, but a reality. Not only am I writing a book, but Stefanie has also helped me with how I can incorporate my book into my business. I can’t express how much this year has meant to me. I would definitely join again, because of the possibilities of what this new year will bring by continuing to work with Stefanie and the people she brings together.

Debbie Franklin, Author, Mother, Entrepreneur.



Talk about Value – Stefanie went BEYOND her Promise to us!

Anne Ryan Being a part of this group is probably the most supported I have ever felt. I expected a good experience but what I didn’t expect was that Stefanie would go beyond what she promised, as you rarely see that these days.  She paid for tons of meals when meals weren’t ‘included’ at the events, she brought in top teachers to teach us for FREE on new innovations (like podcasting), we got free tickets to other boot camps, gifts, we voted on how she could help us most and she delivered in focused content, she even gave us extra personal time with her if we really needed it as a gift.  Add that up to what she could have charged us for those extras – she could have earned an extra $10,000 – $20,000 thousand dollars easy – but didn’t – instead she just gave it to us with an open heart and a big fat smile. By the way…I know there are only a few seats open and I have several of my friends standing by their computers at launch time to join before all the seats are gone.  With all the grads re-joining, plus our recommendations Stefanie may SELL OUT before YOU EVEN READ THIS.

Anne Ryan,  Entrepreneur, Health & Wellness Advocate.



Stefanie Brainstorming was Pure Magic – you have to See for Yourself!

I LOVE this group!  It was wonderful being at the events and having people to support me, but there is also something magical in this group.  You have to attend to see this for yourself, but watching Stefanie brainstorm as each of us were in the “hot seat” was pure magic.  You could literally see all the ideas from the group coming forward then Stefanie would reach her hand up and crystallize the PERFECT missing piece, the perfect strategy or idea that when you heard it – everyone said “Yes – that’s it!”  I have never seen that before.

Marcia Breitenbach,   Psychotherapist, Speaker, Author, Songwriter



Nan Woodward I really want to thank you. I had the pleasure of listening to the call you had with Debbie Bermont.  I've been working with the Law of Attraction and Abundance for a while.  And JV partners are just what I need now.
I can't thank you enough for the opportunity to join the club.  I've been approaching people to do a JV for a product in the process and want to sound and behave professional.  I'm sure I'll learn the process quickly now.

Nan Woodward – JV broker in club


Victory Darwin "In 15 minutes of becoming a Private JV Club member I made a JV deal!" And the best part is I wasn't looking for anything in particular, I just kept an open mind and saw an interesting business. I always thought about doing a similar business, but never had the time, now he doesn't have too – I just joint ventured and he can offer this service to his clients.  I expect a financial return in weeks.

Victory Darwin 
Founder of Big Life Social Network and creator of the movie 'Life in Perpetual Beta’


Nat Couropmitreequotation marks I am a spiritual life coach that supports busy entrepreneurs to enjoy everyday peace of mind and make room for more fun and play in their lives. I was tired of spending so much time marketing to get new clients. I learned to develop partnerships with other businesses that served the type of clients I served. These businesses did not compete with me; they complemented me. As a result, connecting my ideal clients was a lot easier. I reduced my time marketing and had a lot more fun doing what I love most – working with clients. And the clients from the businesses I partnered with were also happier because they were getting more value.

I want to thank you so much for creating the Private JV club. I really want people to get what how significant this community is.

When I think about this project, I am reminded of Ghandi's quote, "Be the change you want to see in the world." I feel that you really are changing the world. You had the vision and then you made it happen; I'm sure there are plenty of other individuals, myself included, who wanted to create a community like this but just didn't follow through for various reasons.

You were the perfect person.

In my line of work, I am always thinking about the image of waves rippling out from a center. And when I imagine you as the first drop of water, I see so many waves rippling out. Because you've created this community, you're making an impact on everyone who joins and participates, and then each member then goes out and impacts their circle of influence; and it expands from there.

I am so honored to be a part of the Private JV Club community. I appreciate you so much Stefanie.

Most Sincerely, Nat Couropmitree
Circle Mastermind Member and JV Club Member


Multiple Joint Venture Case Studies




Roxanne Batson – Women Corp and the Clicker Girls Joint Venture Case Study Watch this video to find out how a solo-entrepreneur went from $300,000 in annual sales to $1.3 Million through just 1 JV connections and a simple idea




I realized I learned a lot from listening and it just made me realize again how many really beautiful people with lots of creativity are in this club and it really impressed me very much

Britt Mittemeijer


Steadwick D'Penha I must say also that this is the best joint venture companies right now.  I mean I have been in another two and I have never found anything like what is going on right now with this joint venture club.  And I thank Stefanie really for inviting me to the first meeting and doing the three-day course with her.  That really changed a lot in my life..

Steadwick D'Penha


Melanie Benson-Strick Joint Venture Case Study


Manny Goldman Joint Venture Case Study


I have been getting a bit more involved in the JV Club lately. I was on a couple calls and downloaded a ton of pre-recorded calls to listen to while driving. As I am more involved, I can tell you are all very in to what you are doing, are passionate about it and I'm impressed and inspired by the community, education and support system you've created.
Thanks for creating this place!

Joshua Gribshaw-Beck


Leva Daniels Thanks! I'm enjoying the calls that I've been listening to. It was lovely talking to you. And it was a great Boardroom call

Leva Daniels


Dawn Scranton Joint Venture Case Study



Yvette Ryan Joint Venture Case Study




It was incredible on many different layers

We new just finished the most incredibly phenomenal breakthrough weekend. It was incredible on many different layers. When we first looked at what to expect from the weekend and the outline of what they would address about the inner and outer world. I can't even say how incredibly they addressed both of those issues. I'm running a business where I know the different pieces of things I need to do and they the exponentially to new heights because they addressed my inner world and perhaps peeled off the things that had been keeping me stuck in that business, or not allowing me to reach my full potential or my business partner and I to really interact together to utilize our strengths. So they addressed the inner piece, shattered through those and then gave us the tools, the minutia, that can really make a difference between being a small company and being a competitor of someone like IBM, or Coca-Cola, or the big guys. So it's really exciting, I can't even wait to go home and reread my notes and start implementing the thousands of things I learned this weekend. So I'm really grateful to both Stefanie and Gary, thanks.

Robin Helm, Business Preformance Strategist, CEO Seminar Company
Santa Fe Entrepreneur Breakthrough Participant



I found a whole new career that was just generated through this breakthrough

My name is Pat, I'm a builder from the East Coast. When I first came to Stefanie and Gary's event I wasn't quite sure how I would fit, and you know, I found a lot of things that were very similar. I found first of all the energy in the room was incredible. I found that ideas just exploded, and I saw a lot of different niches, a lot of different markets. And I said "hey you know that's pretty similar to mine". What can I do how can I be the fit. Well the thing that I discovered is that anybody can come to this program, anybody. It's not limited the gender, it's not limited to ability. The only limitation is yourself. And I can tell you this from the standpoint of a builder, I found a whole new career that was just generated through this breakthrough. So if you haven't found it – come, let me tell you – come. You'll experience something you've never experienced, and make the impossible possible.

Pat Panza, Commercial & Residential General Contractor, Panza Enterprises Inc.
Santa Fe Entrepreneur Breakthrough Participant



It was just beyond anything I ever expected

I have been in the enlightenment/self-help/field for many years now, and so I know Leaders when I see them. Stefanie and Gary are old souls who truly care about the human race and lifting people up. I saw them interact with such respect to participants, they BOTH have this humility that is refreshing in the world of GURUS. What a gift I gave myself travelling to Santa Fe that weekend to be with them. They have their finger on the pulse of future global sustainable business. I would just like to say thank you to Stefanie and Gary for the weekend in Santa Fe it was incredible and enlightening I'm still assimilating the information from it. It was just beyond anything I ever expected just very high class high class isn't even the word — it was really just high consciousness and it was incredibly powerful and I really appreciate their time. And I was also impressed with the lack of entourage, just how simple it was. Gary and his partner, and Stefanie and her partner, and Tania in the home office. It was beautifully done, very simple and very doable for everyone else to follow in your footsteps. It was just lovely and I want to say thank you – I thank you every day. Thank you so much you guys.

Brigid Barrett, BCN Practitioner
Santa Fe Entrepreneur Breakthrough Participant


Debra Kahnen
Doctor of Naturopathy
International Speaker


I have literally done hundreds of personal growth seminars. This one surpasses them all in intensity and excellence.

"I have literally done hundreds of personal growth seminars. This one surpasses them all in intensity and excellence. I now have some incredible tools to integrate my highest spiritual values into my daily life. 'NLP Tools for Life!' is nothing less than a training program for creating heaven on earth. I am now well equipped for the ride.

Danielle Dorman, Trainer Deepak Chopra Center, San Diego, CA
Time Magazine heralds Deepak Chopra as one of the top 100 heroes and icons of the century, and credits him as “the poet-prophet of alternative medicine.


Karen Lamarck Wilson
Women's Retreat Owner